"How Many Low Cost, High Quality, Pre-Qualified B2B Sales Lead Could Your Sales Team Use Next Month?"...

Here's How We Can Make That Happen....

  • Low fixed monthly cost for qualified leads
  • We deliver the emails for you,
  • Direct emails for decision makers
  • National and International Reach

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What We Do.

We deliver hand researched , Highly qualified sales leads for B2B companies around the world, from freelancers to major corporate,.
And our clients love the quality we deliver.

To put you in front of qualified leads, we send thousands of emails messages, written by a world class copywriter, to spark the interest of exactly the people your sales team are looking to engage with.


Of course, that all goes on 'behind the scenes' All you need to think about is booking calls, appointments or demos with a stream of warm leads. 10, 20, 50, you choose the numbers, we'll get to work on warming them up for you to do your thing.


Before we start, we'll understand your business goals and with your brief as our guide, we research the web for only the direct email (no info@'s round here) . Every single lead we deliver is an optimum opportunity to engage with an interested prospect and close the sale.


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Tell us what your perfect B2B customer Looks like. We'll deliver guaranteed high quality warm leads every single month.

Email is still hands down, the best way to connect to your B2B customers, It's more personal, more direct and more professional than Social. But let's face it, Spam, inboxing, phishing, deliverability, blacklisting all takes it's toll. That's why we run the campaign for you. We protect your online reputation by running the campaign through our own systems. We do the work, you get the leads.

How We Deliver Top Quality B2B Leads.

Yep, Peachy!

So here's How We Do Things;

The Research

The Cold Outreach

The Delivery

The more we know about you and what you do, the better we can tailor our campaigns. Our goal is to send your sales team as many leads as they can handle , We're talking warm leads, ready to close.

We use an extremely effective cold email outreach method to bring in 10, 20 even 200+ leads per month to your business. It’s entirely scalable, we'll grow right beside as you turn our leads into customers and orders

Don;t worry about all the legalise of cold outreach emails, we take care of everything on a separate server, everything is above board, legal and perfectly executed. We are also GDPR compliant.

Our goal is to give you the contact details emails of interested in your offer. We will have connected, engaged and confirmed their interest, after that it's up to you and your team to close the deal.

The Leads

"Our goal is to help you drive sales using the highest quality researched data"

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Focusing your sales team on sales and not searching for leads puts them exactly where they need to be, closing deals and making money.

How it Helps.

Growth Strategy.

Instead of 'Ad-Hoc' lead prospecting in between sales calls, you get a constant stream of serious leads to dive into. It's all about focus. We can help make it happen.

Sales people want to sell , sell, sell, not do the lead gen. We'll save hundreds of hours a month for your team, big and small. Try Nudge today for your lead gen.


Take into account the hours we save and the quality we deliver, you'll see how working with Nudge is a great strategy and we're keenly priced too (because we want your business, long term)


Our offer is simple. Regular, high quality qualifies sales leads. That's it. Interested?...

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This way of generating leads is a numbers game ( but you knew that already ) so we're aiming to start you off with 20 qualified leads this month, and scale from there.

What it Costs.

A campaign to give you 20 real, quality sales leads costs $1000, that's just $50 per lead. And remember, every lead is ready to talk to you and  interested right how, in your company products or services. If your sales team are good at closing, you'll already see how valuable this will be. Also...

No Long Term Commitments

With Nudge, you are always in control. We will look for deals for as long as you need us to and we work on a simple month to month billing cycle. Payments are in advance on order. Call us today to see how this could all work for you.

We think that fees should be reasonable and the services given for them should be reasonable too. So you will always be informed and in control of where we are with your campaign.

No High End Billing.

Why not try us out with 20 leads this month, that way you'll see what we can do for you, then when you are ready and the ROI is proven and robust, scale up. However bif your ideas are, we're here to help ypu get there.

At Last, True Scaling

We're Nudge, A happy mix of an A+ Sales Copywriter and a tech Smartypants. Together we bring you the optimum research, delivery and messaging services. Try us out today, set up a call and we'll talk you through it.

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We write the email, that gets the click that grabs the leads that make the sale...try us.

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