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If you are wondering what ‘nudge’ marketing is and if/why it’s different from standard sales communications…. here’s the short version. From a standing start, nudge marketing strategies adopted by the UK government under David Cameron raised £620 Million in tax revenues using exactly the same strategies we use here at Nudge.

Nudge is soft persuasion. Imperceptible “psychological nudges” in your sales emails, letters, websites, landing pages and direct mail campaign messaging that fires your prospect’s brain in a certain way. Nudges are words, phrases, images and colours that affect the way prospects respond and react to the messaging they receive from your company.

The clear and immediate advantage for your business of adopting nudge strategies is the cost of implementation. Together, we test effective messaging on your emails and website. When you have a message that connects at a deeper level than a standard ‘sales’ letter you roll out that message across your communications.

So How Do You Start?

There are three ways we can help you get started with psychological ‘nudge’ marketing.

  • Training for Your Team (one day training course)

    Give your team the strategy to create a business-wide nudge strategy. A one day course with supporting strategy guides and online ‘after care’.

  • Team Coaching & Mentoring

    An ongoing coaching programme where your team works directly with Nudge Founder Jamie Sylvian to work through your business communications to create, test and roll out successful nudge campaigns and build marketing campaigns that transform business revenues.

  • Nudge Will Write Your Communications

    Maybe you just want it all done for you? A revamp of your communication emails, web pages, banners and supporting communications. No problem. We can help with that too. Pick up the phone, let’s talk it through.

“Jamie is a creative with an excellent knowledge of web protocol and not just what looks good, but crucially, what works.”
Alicja Zachucha, RSMTenon Digital Marketing Manager – London

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“Jamie, I’ve been reviewing copy for over 30 years. Frank Johnson, (Johnson Box) Jim Rutz, Gary Bencevinga, Mike Palmer and many other A+ Copywriters and you’re up there. You have a great style”Jeff Greenberg, President JG ASSOCIATES. NEW YORK CITY

Train Your Team in Jamie’s One Day Training Programmes and Mentoring Opportunities.

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Teach Your Team Nudge Strategies With Communications Writer and Nudge Founder Jamie Sylvian

In-house training for your team, followed by online mentoring to ensure understanding, use and development of nudge marketing strategies.

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Jeff Greenberg
Jg Associates New York City


“Jamie is brilliant at getting your prospects to understand the real benefits hidden in your products. He is a breath of fresh air and to top it all his delivery rate is off the scale! Do your business a favour, call him today

Stephen Pace, Managing Director SJS Solutions Ltd (UK)

One of Jamie’s strategies made us the number one air conditioning company in the region. Jamie’s idea for focusing specific marketing pages to expats based on their language increased business by 42% and the flag image idea was genius in opening up a new market for us”Keith Bucknell. MD at Cooltec, Spain.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“We’re embarking on a major launch through Australia. Big plans and challenges ahead. Since 2003 we’ve always had Jamie in our corner and recommend him and his team at bluenote”

Steve Howe
Australian Barbers Association

“Bluenote created an ‘in resort’ strategy to help our ski holiday makers have a great time in resort. The app idea generates positive feedback and has resulted in rebooking from day one”

Matt Bradwell
Bansko Chalets Bulgaria

“Jamie at bluenote wrote our entire book sales promotions (28 pages) and helped develop the strategy that launched it across the USA and Canada. How writing skills are amazing”

Den Miller
Author, New York

“Jamie is a creative with an excellent knowledge of web protocol and not just what looks good, but crucially, what works.”

~Alicja Zachucha, Digital Marketing Manager – London

“Jamie’s strategy, ideas and implementation grew our business to over 500 staff and exponential growth in the early start up phase of our business”
~ Lord George Milford Haven (ex)USwitch.com – London

“Jamie’s copywriting was the key to a new publication launch for our company”

~ D. Casey, Owner of Casey Research in New York

“Fantastic, many thanks indeed for your time and the “bonus” time you graciously gave us, the team were really animated and enthused!”

~ Martin Parker. Betvictor.com, Gibraltar

“We are your partners in innovation, your storytellers, your digital architects. We help you tell your story with engaging conversations that connect to your customers using pervasive campaign strategies that stick”…

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