All Project Fees Subject to VAT

Campaign Consultancy (by telephone)

Telephone Consultancy 
Initial Consultancy (as long as you need)£0.00
30 minutes£67
45 minutes£87
60 minutes£100
90 minutes£115
5 hours (over a 1 month period)£397


Print Advert Full Page£817 > £1640
Print Ad 1/2 Page or less£500 - £1000
Search Engine advert (ie Google adwords set of 5)£400*
Banner Ad £397
Banner Ad - Animated£475
E-Newsletter Advert£650
Cohesive Brand Messaging£197 per page Learn More

Marketing Review

Full Strategy Review£577
Email Review (per email)"£97
Landing Page Review£167
Web Site Page Review (per page)*£147
Direct Mail Review (full campaign)£597
Banner Reviews£97

“Jamie, I’ve been reviewing copywriting for over 30 years. Frank Johnson (Johnson Box) Jim Rutz, Gary Bencevinga, Mike Palmer and many other A+ copywriters and you’re up there, you have a great style”Jeff Greenberg: JG ASSOCIATES NEW YORK CITY


Promotional Email (eg: webinar promotion)£497 per email
Landing Page design deployment for promotional Email£675
Follow up email series (set of 4 emails)£1500 - £2000
E-newsletter article aligned with a specific lead gen campaign£675


Monthly Fee: £2,077

Managed Campaigns. 1 campaign every 6 weeksMonthly fixed fee
StrategyWe’ll go step by step through the aims of the campaign,. You’ll receive advice on style, brand, data and messaging.
4 Awareness Posts/ArticlesCampaigns need awareness. We’ll write 4 campaign specific articles to be used on your website, Linkedin and any other Social sites you use.
2 Press ReleasesThe Nudge team will write two attention grabbing press releases and supplyy them to your for sending out to your trade magazines,use on social and as general information documents
3 marketing emailsThese are the emails we’ll be sending out to your new prospects list. Written by our Founder and Head of Communications writing jamie Sylvian, you’ll be sure of creating the right approach to every campaign.
3 Follow Up EmailsWhen your prospects have clicked through and registered as a lead, they need some nurturing. Our Chief Copywriter Jamie Sylvian will write the emails that connect, engage and persuade.
Campaign Landing PageBased on the campaign strategy, nudge will create Landing pages that convert visitors to leads, and every time someone registers, we’ll send you notification so you can follow up on your new lead.
Campaign GraphicsEvery campaign will need some pretty cool graphics to get noticed. We’ll take care of the imaging across the entire campaign materials, emails, landing pages, press releases and anything else in the mix
Data Sourcing & TestingWe’ll work with you and our list Broker partners to source the best data possible for the campaign. You will receive data samples too, so you’ll know exactly the quality of the email data provided.
Email DeliveryOnce everything is signed off by you, your data will be loaded into our email marketing system and scheduled for delivery
Scheduling & DeliveryAfter all kinds of testing, retesting and double checking, your campaign is ready to go on the date we agreed at the start. Your team will be aware, your processes in places. now all that’s left to do is click [send] and the campaign is under way.
Lead DeliveryEvery new lead is sent to you by email at the end of each day. You’ll know where the lead came from, their interest, pain points and needs. All you do is make sure your team follow up while our emails series keep them warmed up and ready to talk.
Campaign ReportingWhen the campaign is coming to an end, we’ll send over stats on opens, clicks and calls. Any metric you need to make informed decisions on the next campaign.

Web Pages / Sales Pages

Web Pages / Sales PagesPricing
Short sales page to generate leads for content based offers such as white papers£1275
Product Descriptions£613
Sign up copy for e-newsletter etc£408-£597
Long sales page to generate leads for hard offer such as free trials and sales appointments£1,635 - £2,861

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Direct Mail

Direct MailPricing
Sales Letter (1 page)£2497
Sales Letter (2 page)£2997
Postcard Concept & Copy£497
Self Mailer Concept & Copy£697
Direct Mail package (Letter plus other inserts and envelope concept£2997 - £6997

Other Services

Video scripts (per scripted minute)£397
Explainer Video production (per 30 seconds)£497 - Prices start at £197.00
Animations (Unique Corporate Animations) £997 per 40 seconds - View animations