“Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring For Your Marketing Team”

Give them (and you) the training, the tools and the ‘hands on’ support to create
breakthrough marketing campaigns….

“Working with Jamie at nudge is like having an A+ Creative Director On Your Executive Team”…

Jamie SylvianTraining your marketing team can be a challenge. Marketing is an ever changing, fluid concept that needs constant testing. Keeping your team on track, encouraging them to try new ideas, trash the losers and roll out the winners can be a long journey.

And you’re busy, right?
So, what if you gave your Marketing team a Coach? – A Mentor with over 20 years in marketing and strategy to guide them individually or as a group, step by step through every marketing campaign they were working on? – Here’s how it works…

You’ll decide how long we’re needed, no contracts or minimum periods.

We start each month with a team meeting online. Everyone involved in your marketing should be there. We’ll discuss (and document) what we want to achieve in the coming month, how to get there, the steps needed and who in the team will take ownership of each part of the process. Someone will be the meeting manager, someone else takes notes, everyone gets a say in the project. Everyone takes ownership.

From there, we reach an agreement for the month’s tasks and milestones and responsibilities are set out using a project management software so that everyone knows what everyone is doing and can work together to get the job done, guided by a Marketing specialist with experience working with companies all over the world.

The team Manager or team leader has access to me over the month for feedback and advice and each week, a report is sent to you and to me, outlining where the team is with the project. If they are falling behind or need help, they get it, from me as a strategist, Jehane as an accomplished copywriter, Ciara as a Project Director and Mark as our campaign support manager. In other words, our team becomes your team.

How much faster will your business grow when you have an executive level Creative Director driving your team forward, making new plans, testing markets and rolling out the winners? Our aim is to roll out at least one major campaign every quarter and smaller campaigns every month in an affordable, carefully controlled process.

“Jamie is a creative with an excellent knowledge of web protocol and not just what looks good, but crucially, what works.”Alicja Zachucha, RSMTenon Digital Marketing Manager – London

Your team will be pushed, challenged and taught over time, to take over the campaigns, to understand the protocols and processes, to build with us, and then without us.

When the results start to show, when leads increase and sales volumes curve upwards, you’ll see the confidence in your teams grow. They will get bolder with trying new ideas (and for you the cost of trying them will be minimal). They will use new strategies to think up ways to connect to new markets. They will become a marketing force with one goal, to drive your business forward.

The next step, if this is of interest is to hook up a conversation with me, Jamie Sylvian. This is an informal chat, no commitments on either side. Let’s just start the conversation and see where it leads us.