Fixed Price ‘Done for You” Managed Marketing Campaigns

“Driving Your business forward is all about carefully planned and meticulously executed marketing campaigns”

Add our team of strategists, creatives, designers, copywriters,
& campaign managers to your team, for less than the cost of just one full time employee.

We have a fully experienced team in place, right now, ready to become your campaign team and help you build your business.

In a lot of companies we work with, the Marketing Manager works on the business of the day. Their role is all about preparing emails, blogging, booking adverts and sending out press releases.. Of course, your business needs that, it’s necessary to keep things ticking along. But for real business growth, there has to be a sustainable marketing campaign plan. You should know on any given day where your marketing will be focused, in the next quarter, the one after that…the whole year. You should be able to decide on a strategy to focus on proven markets or target a brand new market and have the expertise in place to plan and execute the strategy. It takes careful planning of the messaging, the email campaign scheduling, the landing page copy, and the series of sales emails that follow up on interest. Done right, a sales campaign has 47 ‘touchpoints’ before it even leaves our office to make sure it delivers the leads you need. Campaign planning and management is a job on it’s own. Specialists are expensive. Take your pick of any Marketing Campaign Managers for £36K+ (with the holidays, pension, office space, travel, medical, insurances and bonuses on top) Also, the recruitment and onboarding is a drawn out and expensive business. You know you need a marketing plan and you know too, that it’s a gamble. But it doesn’t have to be.

No recruitment costs, training periods, onboarding. No desk space, employment tax or holidays. No maternity leave, no pensions… just a phone call, a plan and we’re good to go. Interested?

My name is Jamie Sylvian, the Founder and Creative Director at Nudge. I speak with Managers, CEO’s and Directors and their teams From Sydney to London to New York, I spend time on the phone with my consulting clients locking down strategies and plans for marketing campaigns. The things we work on, learn from, test and roll out transfers to my other clients, constant testing and development worth hundreds of thousands a year.

Some of my clients take the strategy and hand it to their marketing team. Their in-house team plan, schedule, implement and manage the campaign. Other businesses don’t have the resources in-house and are understandably wary of hiring new staff. It’s a big commitment, a big cost. So we came up with the answer that works for companies who don’t want to run to the costs of creating a brand new team.

A fully managed campaign team, outsourced to Nudge takes care of the strategy, planning and execution of your marketing campaigns, Giving you year round Hands free marketing for your business.

As your Marketing Campaign Strategists, we’ll work with the person or team at your business to identify market opportunities. From there, we’ll create a comprehensive marketing campaign with world class copywriters to take care of your messaging. We have an email system ninja to schedule the delivery, tracking, testing and reporting, web designers to create your landing pages and a campaign manager to see it all through.

As soon as that campaign is released out into the wild, we’ll begin planning the next one. A new market, a campaign to existing customers, an event, trade show or brand awareness project. You decide what you want, we make it happen one at a time, generating new customers for your business. As each new campaign gathers pace, your enquiries funnel grows and every single lead is delivered to your sales team as soon as they become ‘hot’. If you have a CRM, we can deliver your leads straight into your sales funnel, where our comms writing team can create engaging, persuasive messaging for your business.

More information

Download and review our [download id=”5199″] and review the services we offer for campaign management.

Jeff Greenberg


Jg Associates New York City


Campaign Management is a monthly cost, that includes our entire team of , strategist and copywriter Jamie, Project Director Ciara, researcher and writer Linsky., Graphic Designer Bosko, Email systems Manager Mark and keeping it all together our Project Account Manager Jennie. A team like this based full time at your office and paid a salary would cost over £180K a year. The entire Nudge team are focused on your campaign for a fixed fee of just £2077 per month.

No PAYE, tax, pension, holiday cover or desk space to think about. One cost each month, one campaign every 6 weeks and a constant flow of new campaigns and leads throughout the year. (we suggest you don’t run campaigns in August or December, we’ll double up for September and January).

A good fit?
Like any service provision, you’ll be making a series of decisions when you talk to Nudge. We are making the same decisions when considering if what we do, can work for you. We do not take on every client and we only work with X6 clients at a time.

Campaign Features

For one fixed cost every month, Nudge will take care of your email marketing campaigns, from strategy to delivery. Each campaign sits within a 6 week window, meaning you can run a brand new campaign every 6 weeks to as many prospects as you like. We’ll take care of everything.

For Campaign Management to work, you need to have a person or team in your business responsible for liaising with our team to collate projects, schedule, and work closely with our campaign team. Small owner operated businesses with nobody in a dedicated marketing and/or office manager role are not a good fit for this service because there are a ‘lot’ of moving parts in every campaign.
  • Strategy Consulting

    We’ll go step by step through the aims of the campaign. You’ll receive advice on style, brand, data and messaging.

  • 4 Awareness Posts/Articles

    Campaigns need awareness. We’ll write 4 campaign specific articles to be used on your website, Linkedin and any other Social sites you use.

  • 2 Press Releases

    The Nudge team will write two attention grabbing press releases and supply them to your team for sending out to your trade magazines,use on social and as general information documents

  • 6 marketing emails

    These are the emails we’ll be sending out to your new prospects list. Written by our Founder and Head of Communications Jamie Sylvian, you’ll be sure of creating the right approach to every campaign.

  • 3 Follow Up Emails

    When your prospects have clicked through and registered as a lead, they need some nurturing. We’ll write the emails that connect, engage and persuade.

  • Campaign Landing Page

    Based on the campaign strategy, Nudge will create landing pages that convert visitors to leads, and every time someone registers, we’ll send you notification so you can follow up on your new lead.

  • Campaign Graphics

    Every campaign will need some pretty cool graphics to get noticed. We’ll take care of the imaging across the entire campaign material; emails, landing pages, press releases and anything else in the mix

  • Data Sourcing & Testing

    We’ll work with you and our list Broker partners to source the best data possible for the campaign. You will receive data samples too, so you’ll know exactly the quality of the email data provided.

  • Email Delivery

    Once everything is signed off by you, your data will be loaded into our email marketing system and scheduled for delivery

  • Scheduling & Delivery

    After all kinds of testing, retesting and double checking, your campaign is ready to go on the date we agreed at the start. Your team will be aware, your processes in places. now all that’s left to do is click [send] and the campaign is under way.

  • Lead Delivery

    Every new lead is sent to you by email at the end of each day. You’ll know where the lead came from, their interest, pain points and needs. All you do is make sure your team follow up while our emails series keep them warmed up and ready to talk.

  • Campaign Reporting

    When the campaign is coming to an end, we’ll send over stats on opens, clicks and calls. Any metric you need to make informed decisions on the next campaign.

“Jamie is a creative with an excellent knowledge of web protocol and not just what looks good, but crucially, what works.”Alicja Zachucha, RSMTenon Digital Marketing Manager – London

Services f.a.q

Office Hours – 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday UK GMT

It’s a nudge. We’d like you to read all our FAQ’s before calling us, making it quicker for you and require less time resource from us. By grouping FAQ’s people scan to their ‘preferred section’ first (fees, offers, SLA’s) and miss the other questions, which always come up eventually. By randomising all the questions, you tend to read more, learn more and have less need to phone our busy team, so calls are reduced and time saved for you and for us. It’s clever, this nudge stuff.

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Jeff Greenberg
Jg Associates New York City


“Jamie is brilliant at getting your prospects to understand the real benefits hidden in your products. He is a breath of fresh air and to top it all his delivery rate is off the scale! Do your business a favour, call him today

Stephen Pace, Managing Director SJS Solutions Ltd (UK)

One of Jamie’s strategies made us the number one air conditioning company in the region. Jamie’s idea for focusing specific marketing pages to expats based on their language increased business by 42% and the flag image idea was genius in opening up a new market for us”Keith Bucknell. MD at Cooltec, Spain.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“We’re embarking on a major launch through Australia. Big plans and challenges ahead. Since 2003 we’ve always had Jamie in our corner and recommend him and his team at bluenote”

Steve Howe
Australian Barbers Association

“Bluenote created an ‘in resort’ strategy to help our ski holiday makers have a great time in resort. The app idea generates positive feedback and has resulted in rebooking from day one”

Matt Bradwell
Bansko Chalets Bulgaria

“Jamie at bluenote wrote our entire book sales promotions (28 pages) and helped develop the strategy that launched it across the USA and Canada. How writing skills are amazing”

Den Miller
Author, New York

“Jamie is a creative with an excellent knowledge of web protocol and not just what looks good, but crucially, what works.”

~Alicja Zachucha, Digital Marketing Manager – London

“Jamie’s strategy, ideas and implementation grew our business to over 500 staff and exponential growth in the early start up phase of our business”
~ Lord George Milford Haven (ex) – London

“Jamie’s copywriting was the key to a new publication launch for our company”

~ D. Casey, Owner of Casey Research in New York

“Fantastic, many thanks indeed for your time and the “bonus” time you graciously gave us, the team were really animated and enthused!”

~ Martin Parker., Gibraltar

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“We are your partners in innovation, your storytellers, your digital architects. We help you tell your story with engaging conversations that connect to your customers using pervasive campaign strategies that stick”…

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