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Nudge marketing is a strategy that mixes standard B2B marketing communications practice, Attention, Problem, Solution, Proof and Action with new findings in in psychology and neuroscience.

This free marketing blueprint from Nudge founder Jamie Sylvian presents the strategy we are advising clients to use to make lead generation smoother. a step by step strategy to use in our next campaign, you will be adding a single small almost imperceptible psychological step to the communication that connects and resonate with your prospect in a very specific way.

The Challenge of Collecting Emails from Interested Sales Leads is History

Specifically, it is a step by step approach to dealing with the B2B problem of landing page desertion. In this guide we deal with that part of the marketing process where you can get your prospect to your landing page, but for some reason, no further.

It is a simple strategy you can use from today to change the way you gather B2B leads for your business.

By Taking out the ‘Register Now’ part of the lead generation process, you make the process much, much smoother…

Using a mix of social insights, brand development and a new email marketing strategy that turns the ‘old school’ way of email campaigns on it’s head, you can develop a long term strategy that is much easier and far more effective than the marketing campaigns you are doing now.

This is a game changer. Here’s how it works.

Friction Marketing is caused by a resistance to your messaging, your strategy, your sales presentation and maybe even your brand.

Friction is that bit of the marketing process that gets a bit, well… sticky.

In the old days, when your company would have placed an advert in a trade journal with a cut-out reply coupon, an interested reader (a lead) had to find a scissors to cut out the reply form, find a pen to fill on the details and find a stamp and envelope to send the enquiry. They had to jump through all those hoops to raise their hand and tell you they were interested….now that was friction.

A series of friction points, any of which would stop that enquiry landing on your desk. No scissors, can’t find a pen, no envelope in the drawer and no stamp on a Sunday when the shops were shut. Every single friction point reduced responses to the advert.

Oh Boy, thank our lucky stars they invented email!

Except these days, it’s email that has the friction.

Except… these days, it’s email that has the friction.

You already know, your email marketing communications are fighting the white noise of every other marketing message. Every advert, email blast, post, article, press release, webinar invite, direct mail letter, fax broadcasts and ‘how to’ video that crosses your prospects desk every day. Every. Damn. Day.

To you, it means your target market are very wary of increasing their exposure to more of that dreadful white noise. They know that the second they give you their email that is exactly what they are doing, opening up the inbox to more marketing.

So they resist. Friction.

But you need the email to even start the conversation, right?
Actually, no.

This free blueprint will take you through the simple strategy

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We have been working on a new strategy we call Zero Friction. Zero friction is all about identifying the sticking point in your B2B email marketing and eliminating it from the process. And as email is the big one, we started there.

So, how do you create a lead and get stuck into follow ups if you don’t collect your prospects email?

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