Agent Disengagement Solved

SUBJECT LINE: Agent Disengagement Solved


You know how agent stress and disengagement seems to be the biggest struggle at more or less every Police Contact Centres in the UK, and how responding to that challenge falls to you?

Well, we’ve solved it.

We solve it with a visual wallboard that goes far beyond call metrics response times and updates. It works tirelessly 24/7 to keep your agents connected and engaged, using social inclusion, gamification and community ‘plugins’ that are working right now at (ADD CUSTOMERS HERE)

Here’s what Chris Bowen, Communications and Network Services Manager. at Stafford Police Says:

“We are delighted with the Optymyse wallboard solution, it has already made us more effective”

So you can see NAMEHERE, Optymyse really is helping fix this formidable challenge.

So I wanted to share with you the other big ‘Plus’ about Optymyse, something you won’t find anywhere else.

Optymyse works on any TV screen you can buy on the high Street. That means no big hardware cost, Cost is no longer a barrier because you enjoy a very quick return on investments ( XXX months on average) and we both know how tight budgets are these days.

There’s something else (and it’s important)

Because Optymyse re-engages your team, they don’t leave. So recruitment and training and onboarding costs will be slashed too. Your managers will thank you for that, I’m sure.

Optymyse really is worth a deeper more detailed look. That’s why why you and I connected recently, to discuss how Optymyse might work at POLICESTATIONHERE too.

Shall we talk it through next week?

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