Jamie’s Work Referenced on CrazyEgg: 6 Battle-Tested Landing Page Leads That Consistently Sell More

Being a copywriter is one of those odd occupations where your work gets read by millions of people, exactly none of whom will ever know your name.

The odd world of writing sales copy

You write an email, a landing page or a direct mail campaign and if it proves a success and then rolled out, it’s read by far more people than read most books. But no-one ever knows who actually wrote it.

Take my work for Casey Research in the USA.

First up, that’s not me (at least not yet, but we share the same barber).

The campaign was to launch a subscription service aimed at helping senior citizens (in the USA) who had been severely affected by the crash of ’08 to recoup their lost earnings.

The strategy was a story based email that spoke deeply to the reader of loss, of danger, shame and ultimately victory achieved by arming them with the knowledge needed to get things back on track , through a subscription to a magazine and website.

Of course, the story was written in the voice of Denny Miller, the author and 2008 financial crash survivor, so of course my name was never mentioned.

But the work was.

CrazyEgg.com are a world renowned marketing optimization business.

In their article ‘6 Battle-Tested Landing Page Leads That Consistently Sell More’ by Kathryn Aragon the former editor of The Daily Egg. She’s now a content strategist and consultant on mission to help content marketers get measurable results from their content. Check out Kathryns work here.

Read the article here: The piece was referenced at number 4 as story based copy.

Also, the same writing project was also referenced on internet marketing company Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss) but behind a members area so you’ll have to take our word for that one.

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