Refocusing a confused marketplace: The way your business connects with consumers, with customers has become blurred, entangled and oftentimes, confusing.

Client Project Feedback

“Campaign is an iconic magazine known worldwide to focus on the creative, marketing and advertising industry.
With a complex task of re-imagining the format and style of our magazine
and website, we were seeking an innovative, reliable copywriter to help us get the message just right.
Having worked with Jamie before he was my first choice for the project.
Jamie came up with straplines, headers and key messaging that we re used across our various media platforms.
I’m happy to recommend Jamie and his team at Nudge”Lucy Howard - Subscriptions Manager, Campaign Magazine at Haymarket Publishing


Copywriter:Jamie Sylvian

Context: Campaign magazine is an iconic publication focused on the creative industry. Read by Agencies and marketers worldwide, it also publishes a job site for the creative industry. Their goal of merging a number of brands into one required some key messaging and banners headlines. Our role was to come up with as many relevant, engaging concepts as possible for a number of areas. Below is the comprehensive list we came up with.

Deliverables: Headlines, Bullet Points & Key Messages to be Used in the New Campaign Jobs Website

Subscriber Headlines

  • Marketing has changed. So have we.
  • Marketing Reimagined.
  • If it’s in. It’s in Campaign.
  • Marketing Changed. We Changed. We Changed Marketing
  • We’ve reimagined marketing
  • Campaign. It’s time to think bigger
  • Campaign, for when you need to think bigger
  • Campaign, We’re thinking bigger.
  • Campaign, we’re thinking bigger, Are You?
  • Design. Refine. Innovate. Create. The new Campaign for a new breed of marketer.

For the new creator, the bold innovator and the fearless marketer. We bring you a the ‘all new’ Campaign magazine.

  • The new Campaign. Because times have changed.
  • Market intelligence since 1968.
  • The pulse of marketing since 1968
  • The face of marketing intelligence since 1968
  • For the new breed

Subscriber Bullet Points

The new Campaign Magazine connects you to the world’s most forward thinking brands, the most innovative campaigns, most creative ads, insightful ideas, the smartest strategies and the most talented people from the new marketing landscape.

Campaign magazine, re-imagined and refocused, now gives your entire team the ideas, strategies, case histories, opinions and international perspective they need to come together and create your next breakthrough campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 08.05.03

Multiple Perspectives, One Voice. Bringing together the multiple disciplines and skillsets required in any marketing campaign, the new Campaign gives you a broader, more balanced perspective. Learning what’s important to the writer or videographer gives your technical team the vision to recreate that story on websites, landing pages and across Social media.

International Perspectives: Campaign is your key resource for the best of international marketing campaigns. Ideas, cultures, local markets and international players come together to form the whole picture from creative to buyer.

Be it Cross Culture or Cross Platform, with the new Campaign, we can now connect the dots and make sense of the vast array of technology and creative opportunities around the world. Bringing that narrative into one place makes it easier and faster for you to get a clear picture on what’s available to you right now, and what’s coming around the corner.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 08.06.13

From the first flash of inspiration to the creativity of the packet in the shopping trolley., log in to Campaign to see what’s happening in marketing today and tomorrow.

Tips, Hacks, How To’s: Whatever you create. The idea, the words, the pictures or the movie, the social strategy or the Direct Mail campaign. Search Campaign for the tips, hacks and how to’s that have gone before.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 08.09.35

Almost 50 years of the brightest minds in marketing, advertising and strategy have made Campaign the most influential resource of it’s kind. Industry leaders turn to Campaign for the insight they need into the business they love.

From inspiration to perspiration, We guide you on the whole journey through some of the best known marketing campaign in history.

If it matters in marketing, If it’s important to branding you’ll find it in the new Campaign website. Click to check us out.

We bring everything you need to know, from concept to strategy, from the biggest picture to the smallest detail into one place, the all new, reimagined Campaign.

Laws change. Rules change. Behaviour changes and Technology Change,.If it’s important to you, it’s important to us and we’ll cover it in Campaign. Log in now.

Learn a lot from history. When you need ideas, vision and strategies, we’ve got nearly 50 years of the ‘should work’ ‘did work’ and ‘sunk like a stone’ marketing campaigns from small independents to global ad powerhouses.

When what’s gone before matters, when future markets are changing, when technology collides and the old strategies make way for new, you’ll learn about them first, in Campaign,

Subscriber Key Messaging

Access to Information: We’ve changed to accommodate the new ways advertisers, marketers, agencies and freelancers look for the information they need to connect the dots on ads, videos and campaigns

Fast Decision Making: The new Campaign magazine and website brings the decision making process into one website and magazine. By giving you the information you need you’ll get to the detail, the statistics and the expectations much, much quicker.

Refocusing a confused marketplace: The way your business connects with consumers, with customers has become blurred, entangled and oftentimes, confusing. Adverts have become videos, video now merges with email, email with Social. By re-imagining Campaign as your new home both online and in print for the creative and marketing industry and by connecting with every branch of the creative endeavour, the new Campaign re-sharpens that focus. The clarity we bring to articles, stories, exposes and analysis will give you the market intelligence you need to create breakthrough promotions.

The new campaign works because it puts you and your entire team on the same page. Now, ideas cross over, strategies and viewpoints that used to be across all our websites are onto on one. That convergence means quicker research, sharper focus and much faster execution of your ideas.

Your team will connect in a new exciting way. The stories you’ll read, from all parts of our industry will start the discussion and fuel ideas.

Non Subscriber (Reader / Visitor) Headlines
Campaign. Lets start the discussion.
Campaign. Inspired Marketing
Campaign. Inspired Branding
Campaign. Inspiring Creativity
Campaign. Make it Great
Campaign. Marketers Wanted. Bring ideas
Campaign. The New Superbrand
Campaign. Create Awesome
Campaign. Build Something Inspiring
For globally inspired marketing ideas, check out Campaign.
Marketing Intelligence starts here
The what, where why and when in marketing intelligence

Smart? Start.
6 Millions marketing professional around the globe connect to ideas, inspiration and market intelligence with Campaign Magazine. Do you?
Campaign is the pulse of modern marketing
It’s a brave new world. Make it yours
It’s a brave new world. Own it.
New ideas born here.
Tomorrow s breakthrough marketing idea. Today.
Campaign. Where great ideas take hold.
Campaign The Brainstormer.
Where ideas flow
Think Marketing.
55 years or Eureecka!
55 years of eureka moments!
Campaign, a new look, a new format a whole new approach, designed for the new breed of marketer
A world of creativity. One place
A world of design. One place
Challenge your limits
The voice of marketing
The new voice in marketing
Create a brand a campaign or a business. Click here for the details

Non Subscriber (Reader / Visitor) Bullets

Before there was the internet, email, Facebook, Google apps, Youtube, Vimeo whatsapp,Skype,viber,snapchat,google search,Foursquare,yahoo iphones, ipads,tablets,smartphones,mobile phones, hands free and call for free….there was Campaign Magazine.

Since 1968, we’ve seen countless brands, platforms companies and agencies show up, grow up and blow up.

Marketing is in our DNA.

If it’s out there. It’s in here. Campaign.

Our aim is to bring all marketing disciplines together, to create a space for the creator, the writer, the designer and the Business owners, managers and teams who collaborate drive and support those creative endeavours. Subscribing to Campaign gives you all the market intelligence you need in one place.

In a blurred market of overlapping channels and confusing markets. Campaign gives your marketing clarity and clear focus. We’re here as your sounding board, your guide, your think tank and your incubator. We’re here to start the conversation and to end it. We’re here with insights, figures and historical proof. We’re Campaign, a new style of magazine for a new breed of marketer.

Campaign keeps you connected. With our industry evolving, we evolve or fade away. That’s why, our focus is on connecting with the new breed of smart, focused collaborative brand builders. These are challenging exciting times, each new technology disruptive technology creates new challenges to our brand, and that, with the right information strategy and team opens up a brand new opportunity for you to connect your brand to your customer.

By giving them the creative firepower they need, you empower your people to stretch, to explore and to connect your brand in new ways. While some ideas will fade into history, others will become a part of your business and just maybe, one will be that breakthrough campaign that pushes your business to the next level. Campaign, with it’s stories articles features and interviews gives you the information you need to do just that.

Great minds think alike differently. Great minds read Campaign (see graphic example for this concept)

Non Subscriber (Reader / Visitor) Key Messages

Campaign is meaningful, relevant, and very, very, useful. It pulls together the whole picture, from the perspective of the brand, the agency, the writer, the designer and the customer. It shows you how the pieces fit together, how campaigns are imagined, created tested and rolled out.

Campaign has never been more relevant than it is now. The lines of marketing, promotion and technology are blurring. Campaign is clarity.

Campaign magazine gives you the knowledge you need to make marketing decisions in your business or place of work. With our well known industry known writers, like NAME, NAME and Name we bring the story together.

And it’s not just what works. Brand and marketing history is littered with tales of failure. Knowing they failed is one thing. Knowing why they failed is another. Knowing both gives you the intelligence you need to sidestep the same pot holes, sinkholes and black holes.

With campaign you’ll hear from the heavy hitters in brand, marketing and strategy. You’ll discover first hand what’s working in digital marketing from the world’s brightest marketing stars.

Campaign has the insight and ‘behind the scenes’ marketing intelligence that can make you an expert, a thought leader, the ‘go to guy’ in your company.

At Campaign we dive deep into the strategies used by the established agencies and the young disruptors. We discuss the things that move the dial or disrupt entire concepts. . That’s the kind of market intelligence that can drive your business forward too.

When we opened our doors in 1968, there were two TV channels, a handful of radio stations and a shelf full of magazines. Connecting with our target was easier. Today there are thousands of radio stations, countless Times change. So have we.

“If you’d like to know which agencies are hiring, firing, growing or slowing, which brands are hitting the mark or hitting the floor The Agencies on the rise or on the slide…. You’ll find out in Campaign, the new platform for a new breed of marketer.
From junk mail to genius. We cover it all”

Campaign. Inspired Marketing
Campaign. Inspired Branding
Campaign. Inspiring Creativity
Campaign. Make it Great
Campaign. Marketers Wanted. Bring ideas
Campaign. The New Superbrand
Campaign. Create Awesome
Campaign. Build Something Inspiring
For globally inspired marketing ideas, check out Campaign.

Banner & Ad Concepts (Playing on Well Known Phrases)
See ad concepts throughout this document.
BRAND? NEW. (show logo) – See example of ad style and copy in this document
BRAND? LOYALTY. Connecting you to marketing ideas for 50 years
BRAND? LOYALTY. Inspiring creativity since 1968
BRAND? Strategy. show arrow to logo
BRAND? Awareness. show arrow to logo The magazine for a new breed of marketer
Campaign. They’ll think it was your idea.
Campaign. Borrowed genius
Campaign, Borrow some genius
Campaign, Steal Genius
Campaign. A second hand genius is ok, too

Campaign. Global marketing intelligence In your pocket
(on mobile) Pocket sized genious (show on app)
(mobile) Tap.Tap. Smart Idea
Campaign on mobile. Pocket sized genius
Campaign Re-invented for the new breed of marketer
Campaign. Re-imagined for the new breed of marketer
Campaign. Pure Creativity
Campaign. Bolder Vision for the new breed of marketing professional
Campaign – For the New Breed of Marketer
Campaign. Don’t move the dial, crush it.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Yes you can.
Founded 1968 – 
Re-imagined 2016

Bullet Points

If you’re in advertising, marketing, design, tv, radio, digital and offline… fact if you’re in any kind of marketing, everything that matters to you is in the new Campaign magazine. a New focus for the new breed of marketer.

Everything but boring

Campaign for the change maker

If it’s in Marketing, Creative, Brand or Strategy. it’s in campaign magazine.

If it’s important to your campaign, it’s in campaign magazine

The new Campaign is for the new breed of marketer, the multi skilled, multi tasker. The pseudo scientist and artist. The brand poet, the thinker the doer and the change maker.

If you write it, draw it, imagine, record it or create it. Campaign helps you do it better

Clear thinking in a complex marketing landscape.

For the what, how, who why, and where in marketing, read campaign magazine.

The new home for the UK creative tribe.

Join the tribe. Campaign magazine.

Find Your Tribe. Campaign Magazine
Your tribe are here.

Agency. marketing. media. online: your story is in Campaign

Recruitiment Advertisers

Copy by Jamie SylvianHeadlines

Where the new Breed come for opportunity
Connect to a Brave New World of Marketing Excellence. Campaign Jobs
The Marketing Mavericks are here. Are You?
Marketing High Flyers are here. Are You?
Hunter? Gatherer. (see ad image can be used on banners etc)
Campaign Jobs. Where the Creators Go.
Click. Click. Talent.
Stand Back! Creativity Unleashed
Hire Higher.
Campaign Jobs. Meet the New Breed
, they don’t just move the dial, they smash it.
Tell Your Story First.
Build Your Team with Campaign
Where the new breed of marketer hangs out. Campaign
Need a creative? Create an account.
Where the creators go
Create. The Future. Find Talent Here
Design. The future. Find Your Next Superstar Here
Add yours.
Find your talent
Inspire a new generation
Campaign, the Talent Spotters
Shine a light on the country’s new breed of marketer.
Your entire creative team are here. Go find them.
Adding staff? add an ad.
Shake up the office.
Ready for some disruption? Hire the new breed of marketer at Campaign

Potential Job Hunters:
Our talent is finding a home for yours.
Ready to disrupt?
Get paid to think
Get paid to break down walls
Work in Marketing. Bring Ideas
Creative mind? Create an account.
Design. Your Future
Create. Your Future
Write. Your Future
Find your future

Bullet Points
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Right now, companies are looking for people just like you, the creator, the innovator, the disruptor and the dreamer. They don’t want safe, they don’t want boring. They want someone to break down walls, disrupt markets, smash preconceptions. They are looking for the new breed of marketer for a brave new world of marketing. If that’s you, click here.

If you can collaborate, innovate and create. Click here

Marketers are problem solvers, Marketers bring ideas to life. We create something from nothing and takes ideas and make them real. We build products, companies and dreams. We innovate. We create. Come and join us. Find your future at Campaign Jobs

If…signing off on a video advert…writing an ad for a magazine…attending a photoshoot…organising a team building weekend…planning a 16 week TV marketing campaign…going head to toe with a copywriter, talking shop with a graphic artist and taking time out for a coffee with an animator seems like a hard days work, don’t click here.

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