Team Buddy The NEW App for sales managers that gives you the whole picture of your entire sales and marketing efforts at a glance

Dear Manager

Is this how you  keep on top of things right now?

A CRM for customers…Separate forms for leads, customers and referrals.  

A scheduler for client appointments…

A weekly sales report on excel and charts to see how this months sales are progressing…

And a  wall calendar with training events and meetings scribbled wherever theres a space to put you pen to?

Messy, isn’t it?

And those daily sales reports from the team After they have sorted through all that valuable (but messy) data, YOU get each report one by one, and spend hours a day collating them all.

There has to be a better way than that!


The APP Managers have been waiting for


Download it to your smartphone right now, for FREE and in just minutes you’ll be able to ,


  • You can track scheduled appointment across your whole sales team ,meaning you can plan travel routes so your sales team make the best use of their day. That means more appointments and more sales every week!
  • You get quick view charts for leads, appointment and sales for individuals, department and overall sales charts.
  • You get conversion statistics for a day week month year….. Spot weaknesses in your sales team and make better decisions on training and management.

All with TEAM BUDDY  the team management all in one app on your smart-phone?

Clcik here to get yours and try it for free for the next 60 days.

James Groves, Sales Director of ETM Publishers says:

“Having my entire sales reporting system on my iPad means I spend less time at the office, more time time with the family and no time at all hoping I’m on top of everything, It has changed the way I work entirely”

And Sandy Howe from Winchester Paper Mills said:

“ I know where all my team are, so I can now divert them straight to new leads that have come in, all with a click. LOVING this App!”

Pete Batosh, MD at CarpetShack in Frinton agrees:

“Now we know exactly what inventory we need, I’ve reduced stock levels freed up cashflow and manage my three sales guys much better than using our old paper system, and I’m no geek, so making it it this easy to use…stroke of genius”

Built from the ground up by sales professionals who understand the need for simple usable information, you can finally get rid of complex reports and time chewing data entry and have everything you need right in front of you, whenever you want it.

No more waiting for sales reports. Instead, each of your sales team fill in their daily report, and the information is sent to our cloud. It’s then aggregated onto your platform account, without you doing a thing.

Each day the ‘push’ technology end you a complete report of the previous days business. and it updates automatically everytime one of your team uploads their info, so you are on top of everything, all on a dashboard that fits onto your iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

It Amazing, and right now, it’s free!

We’ve just released version 2.3, adding better graphics, faster load time and a whole new way to personalise your dashboard, so the most important info for YOU, show up first.

To celebrate the release we’re giving away the App, normally £97, absolutely free!

PLUS the first months platform rental, normally £29 per user….that’s free too!

But Don’t Hesitate – There are just 100 free apps available.

If you are a Manager, and you want to make your job easier and your tasks stress free, click here now