Fun & Dangerously Brainy: See how Neuromarketing works

This is fun and dangerously brainy stuff…

This is fun and dangerously brainy stuff…

See if it works on you.

In one way, this is classic hypnosis, but with a soft twist.

It could become your top sales strategy and makes lead generation a sport, not a chore.

OK, first, let’s set the scene:

“Relax for a moment and Imagine:

You are behind the wheel of a sleek car, roaring down an english country lane. Listen to the growl of the engine, the surge of power as you press your foot on the accelerator and drop down a gear. Feel the the wind on your face as you effortlessly surge towards the sunset on the horizon. Now, slowly, take your foot off the pedal. Now slow down, slow to a stop”



So, let me ask you,

What kind of car were you driving?

Keep that picture firmly in your mind.

It was a sports car, right?

An older classic, not modern?

Soft top?

What colour was it?


Here’s the thing…

I put that soft top sports classic car in your head.

Not just any car, I made it very easy for your brain to see a powerful classic, convertible sports car.


I created connections in your brain with these trigger words;

soft, top, classic, sleek, powerful and sport – in the preceding paragraph.

I even suggested the colour of your car.

Yep, I hypnotised you to imagine a car that I chose. I painted the broad picture, you filled in the blanks.

Imagine if your sales message could do that, if you could get your prospects to fill in the blanks?

You can.

The thing is;

Everyones subconcious works in the same way. Yours, your staff, your customers. Knowing how could give your business marketing superpowers.

Yet, if your sales emails, adverts and web pages are not using this kind of persuasion psychology, you’re missing out – Don’t miss out.

Add psychology and hypnosis to your sales writing