"I just Wasted TWO FREAKIN’ Hours on YOU!

Responses to this (cold) email

“Hi Jamie,
Thank you for your email, loved it! It has the look and feel of Jay Abraham communications”
“Good email, made me read it”
Time Movements Ltd
“Brilliant Email!”Isar@rgg.co.uk

Two Freakin’hours [FNAME]

Almost to the minute….

That’s how long I spent researching the‘best’ way to get in touch with you this morning.

See, this is a cold email.
I want your attention.
I have something important to tell you.

It’s a pitch. I get it, you get it.

Well, apparently [FName], there are loads of ‘tricks and voodoo’
I can use to get you to open an email like this and fall
over your own feet in a frantic rush to get in touch with me.


Heck, some ‘guru’ website even tells me to research your details
on LinkedIn and send some craziness like;

“Hey [FNAME],
lovin’ that thing you posted online about blah blah blah…
Pick up the phone right this second,
So I can bore the wassname out of you about my awesomeness”

AWWW C’mon!

You’re busy. I’m busy, right?
Who has time to say yes to everyone
wanting a 15 minute self indulgent grovel-fest on the phone?
Me?… 10 seconds and we’re done. Here it is:

“I’m a sales communications writer.
I write emails, sales letters and websites that get opened, read and clicked.

You’re still reading, right? So, I’m good at this stuff. Very, very good.

Need proof?

Ask Martin Parker at BetVictor.com,
the Billion Dollar company who hire me to train their sales writers in Gibraltar.

Seriously, a Billion Quid, and they call me!

Or ask Lucy Howard at Campaign Magazine in London. the world’s most iconic magazine for the marketing and advertising industry.

Lucy recently hired me to help relaunch their magazine. I wrote the sales messaging that went out to just about every one of my competitors in the whole damn world!

Campaign has like…. A BAZZILION readers!
Yet, when she needed a writer to crack a really really tough market,
Lucy picked up the phone to me!

Why me?

I’m Jamie Sylvian, Founder of nudge agency.

Iconic brands Like Haymarket Publishing, PR Week and Civil Service Magazines hire me to rewrite their messaging.

Billion Dollar gaming companies hire me to train their up and coming writers.

Small businesses with big ideas hire me and frankly some bIg businesses with small ideas hire me too.

They hire me for my experiences, skills and my ideas.

Can I help you to create your next big idea too [Fname]?

Well, finding out costs nothing.

So, hows the [COMPANY_NAME] marketing strategy doing?

Too many visitors to your website?

Snowed under every day with leads?

Can’t handle any more conversions and sales?

Here’s the thing….

I have a skill to share with you. The same skill that launched a £200M Business in London.

Ok, I hear ya…it will be expensive, right?

Well there’s a cost, and I’m not cheap, but here’s the thing;

The work I do for you today, can be used time and again.

To you it means that you pay just once for my help in crafting your communications strategy, but you use it for years….and years…

Worth taking a look at?

If you agree that ‘there is a problem with your marketing’ I’d like to talk to you about it [FName], maybe I can help.

No heavy sales pitch.

Tell me the problem, I’ll tell you if I can fix it. Maybe it can’t be fixed. If it can, I can help you do it.

And If what I suggest makes sense, consider hiring my little agency to help you get even more results long term.

We’re only any good to you when we’re making you money way beyond what you’re paying us, so let’s have a chat and see where it takes us.

My website is here

My phone number is 000

All the best,
Jamie Sylvian

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