Plumbers Mobile website offer (Direct Mail)

Plumbers, You could be losing 6 out of 10 enquiries. Here’s what’s happening, how to fix it and how, without spending a lot of money you can be the ‘go to’ plumber in your area

Very soon (before December 2014 according to Google) people will stop looking for plumbers in the Yellow Pages, Thomson or Scoot….

They won’t sit at their computer and search for a plumber either (at least few will)…

Local newspaper ads? You may as well throw your cash down the drain. No one will be reading them.

You’re a plumber, you know what’s needed….

Clear communication between you and your customer the moment they need you.

These big changes affect your plumbers because of the way your customers look for you when they need your services.

It affects how many calls you receive and ultimately, the money that’s in your pocket at the end of the week.

Not just you, every plumber is affected. And it’s not if this will happen, it’s a major shift, it’s already well underway – and it’s unstoppable.

But, as you’ll discover, it’s also a huge (but time limited) opportunity to become the ‘go to’ plumber in your area, the one on everyone speed dial.

So what’s it all about?….

According to Google, people are now searching for local services like tradesmen on their smartphones. Before the end of the year, Smartphone searches will vastly outnumber Yellow pages searches

The same goes for Yell, Thomson and local newspapers..

So if you are not gearing up for this change, your business will suffer. It has to.

Another problem, one you might not even know about, is that when people search for a plumber in your area on their smartphone, they might find you…

…However, if they click on your site to find it can’t handle their smaller screen, meaning it’s just your normal site squeezed into a tiny area, 60.1% (Google Research figures) will simply click away to a site that is easier to use.

You could be losing 6 out of 10 enquiries.

Work out the average value of a plumbing job. Now multiply it by six.

That’s a lot of lost business.

So what can you do?

Introducing: A no restrictions free trial of a very simple to use piece of software that makes sure you never lose enquires from smartphone users.

My name is Jamie Sylvian, for 20 years I have helped small businesses deal with big challenges.

 In that time I’ve dealt with a lot of business trends. Email marketing, the growth of the internet, the collapse of traditional local advertising , and I can tell you, the switch to mobile searches is not a trend, it’s a MEGA-Trend.

That’s why I spent this Summer working on an answer to the problem smaller local businesses like your have. How to stay up to date as online technologies change, and not break the bank doing it…

I’ve come up with an affordable, easy to use way to make sure that when someone needs a plumber, checks Google on their smartphone and clicks through to your site that they see exactly what they need to see and more importantly that your telephone number is right there in BIG LETTERS, so they can call you with a single click, straight from their smartphone.

All you need is a small web platform that detects that your caller is on a smartphone, and instead of showing them the website you use right now, it serves them up a professional easy to navigate mobile website.

Video, audio, photos, prices, testimonials….

You can do all that with a system that is free to try, easy to set up, and very clever at getting you in front of local customers the moment they are searching for a plumber.

You can also do something very few plumbers are doing right now.

You can advertise your business on Google to only shows up for people in your area who are searching from their mobile phone.

Do you see how powerful that will be in getting more calls?

A local resident pulls up Google on their Smartphone and searches for a plumber in your area.

Your advert pops up on Google mobile, they click through, check your prices and with one press of a button, they call you to book.

Eventually, all plumbers will do this. Like email, the internet and online advertising, soon enough this will become normal…… But if you act now, by then you’ll have made your place in the local area. You’ll be on hundreds of Speed dials, the ‘go to’ plumber in your area.

If you’re wondering if you even need a new website, you can check the answer for yourself. When you call up your site on your smartphone, how easy is it to look around and find what you are looking for?

Are the buttons too small for big fingers?

That’s the problem with ‘old school’ websites, they just aren’t up to the challenge of the new way your customers are looking for you.

However, there’s no need to scrap your old site, you’ll still get people searching on their PC, just fewer and fewer as time goes on.

You might think technology like this, the ability to detect if your site visitor is on a smartphone and redirect them automatically is expensive.

And it’s true, it used to be.

I spent much of last year and over £5600 developing this ‘drag and drop’ website builder platform specifically to make it affordable to even the smallest of local businesses

My aim was a system that you can build yourself from scratch in about 20 minutes.

Previously, You’d have paid hundreds of pounds for the most basic of mobile sites. But with this system you get the same function as software costing hundreds, for much, much less.

It’s an incredibly easy, non techie website builder that lets you ‘drag and drop’ logos, video, pictures, price lists and pages…as many as you want, then press SAVE and you have a ready to go mobile website that looks like it cost hundreds of pounds to create.

No-one will believe you designed it yourself in the time it took to drink a coffee.

And it’s very fast….

As soon as you click publish, your website will be live on the web.

Within seconds, when people click through to your site from their smartphone they will see your business and your ‘call me button right in front of them.

As soon as your new mobile site is live, instead of missing those call out opportunities, visitor will see exactly who you are, where you are, what you charge and right there on every page is your ‘click to call’ button.

Anytime you want to make a change to your new site, it’s as easy as logging in, deleting the old pages and dragging in the new. No designer costs, no waiting. Three minutes and you’re done.

In the past few months we’ve had mechanics, plumbers, designers, restaurants, artists and all kinds of small businesses build their own mobile websites, simply because it’s just so easy and affordable to use.


With our sites you get everything high priced designers give you, for a fraction of the :

Click to call buttons so a customer can call you straight from their smartphone. When they click your Call Me button their phone dialler pops up with your number already input, they click ‘call’ and get straight through to you.

Finger, Thumb and Screen Friendly – Your Mobile customers can Touch, Tap and Slide their way to your business. No more hassles of scrolling, pinching and zooming just to find your contact details!

Works on ALL Smartphones – Mobile optimised websites built with Socially Connected work seamlessly across all smartphone devices.

Google Maps – Your Mobile customers can see where you are and how to get to you, or you to them Got multiple locations? – not a problem! Users can see which is closest.

See how busy your website is – At a glance, see how many clicks, calls, emails, visits and more to your mobile site, great to see which adverts are working for you (so you can stop spending money on the ones that don’t)


So how much does this all cost? –

That’s the good news! We’re so sure that this is a great way for you to bring in new business that we’re happy to set you up with an account and give you the next X days to try it, play with it, test it, and see how it works for your business.

If after X days you decide it’s not for you, no problem, the site will expire and you go back to using your existing site and you haven’t spent a penny.

Remember, theres no need for a designer (though we can do that for you if you like) to create your new site. If you can drag and drop, you’ll be fine.