The windows were bullet resistant, three inches of military grade armor plating that no bullet could penetrate. The tyres too, would re-inflate within half a second of a direct hit by high velocity weapons fire, allowing the occupants to avoid hijacking, robbery and even death

“Recent events on a dim, grimy street in Beijing could trash your hopes of holding on to the value in your IRA in 2014. Today, we show you how to turn the tables. So instead of losing, you could add as much as 90.4% to your retirement plan”….

Chinas New Gold Rush

On September 25th 2011, outside a provincial bank on the bustling streets of Wangfujing, Beijings 800 year old shopping district, four masked men in bright blue overalls exited a small provincial bank and climbed into a heavily armoured black Mercedes M-Class SUV.

The windows were bullet resistant, three inches of military grade armor plating that no bullet could penetrate. The tyres too, would re-inflate within half a second of a direct hit by high velocity weapons fire, allowing the occupants to avoid hijacking, robbery and even death. 

The driver put the car in gear, indicated briefly, then pulled away from the kerbside, taking his place in Beijings chaotic mid morning traffic.

Moments later, six men standing nearby silently slid automatic weapons back into their holsters, stepped up one by one into a silver Landrover Discovery, and followed closely behind.

They weren’t Gangsters, Mercenaries or Government Spooks.

They were guarding the four men, technicians, whose masks were necessary to protect their identity as they installed a new ATM machine.

Sub machines guns, for an ATM?

Yes, but this one is different….. 

It doesn’t give you cash. You can’t pay bills or check your balance.

But you can buy gold.

This ATM dispenses Gold coins, bars and ingots for cash or debit card.

Prices are based on market rates and recalculated every 10 minutes.

There will be no shortage of buyers – Each day, over one million people pass through this 1.5 kilometre

stretch from East Changan Street to the China Art Museum.

“The Game Changer – And why it matters to you”…

Gongmei Gold Trading, the company that installed the ATM, expects to install as many as 2,000 more across China in the coming months.

Soon, anyone using a debit card or cash can buy up to 2.5KG, almost $156,000, in gold, at one time, from a high street vending machine.

Of course, these machines are already in Europe and the US. They are popular in Germany too, where the public remember the hyperinflation of the 1930s, when people walked around with wheelbarrows full of notes.

At the same time Americans are still troubled about the 1930’s depression, and see gold as a safe haven for the next anticipated, longer, deeper depression.

But the point is, surprisingly, gold ownership is relatively ‘new’ in China.

In 1955 owning gold was made illegal by Mao Tse Tung. For 50 years it was out of bounds to all but the Communist Elite.

But In 2003, that all changed. Gold ownership was made legal.

The Chinese responded by buying more and more.

On the 29th January 2012, Forbes Magazine reported that China is thought to have bought up around 490 tons of gold in 2011. That’s almost twice 2010 figures at 245 tonnes. 

Their hunger is not diminishing, and it’s changing the game completely.

“The Gold Rush is On – Here’s why it affects you”…
The Asia Times Newspaper reports that demand increased by 25% in China last year, compared with a 7% growth worldwide.

Similarly, China’s national television CNTV reports that as the property market softens, increasing volumes of capital are flowing from property investment into the safety of gold.

Think about that for a minute;


Plus, China’s luxury market is growing by 60% per year and already represents 12% of world demand for luxury goods, including Gold.

At this rate, Goldman Sachs predicts that China will reach a 29% percent share of all luxury goods sold worldwide by 2015 leapfrogging Japan as the world’s top consumer luxury market.

A surge in Gold ownership in a major growth country of 1.3 Billion people will have a seismic affect on the availability and therefore the price of gold in the coming years.

600 Million new gold buyers will enter the gold market in the next 3 years….

Do you see the importance of this? –  China is poised have over 600 million middle class citizens by 2015. People with disposable income, who by nature are savers.

Washingtons Economic strategy Institute tells us that China’s gross domestic savings rate has grown over the past couple of years to close to 50% of income. Unlike average Americans of course, the Chinese are perennial savers.

That means…. they will buy gold and hold it

Remember that point. It directly affects you.

Incidentally, it’s not just China. India, already the worlds largest gold buyer, increased demand by 35% last year, buying a record 963.1 tonnes of gold, according to The London based World Gold Council.

Chinas central bank, has implied that it is actively purchasing gold.  “No asset is safe now,” said the PBOC’s Zhang Jianhua Research Bureau Director.  “The only choice to hedge risks is to hold hard currency—gold.”

 “But why is China significant to you, to your retirement and your family’s future wealth here in America?”….

Because while the masses in China seem to be finally ‘getting it’ with gold, adding to the worldwide gold price rises, they are missing out on something directly connected to the fortunes of gold, but with double, even triple the profit potential. Allow me to explain….

 “The Hidden Gold Rush that could triple your IRA”

This is about an investment that is as easy to understand as the ‘supply and demand’ of physical gold, but markedly more profitable.

  • While physical gold has gone from $839.60 an ounce in July 2007 to XXXX today, an impressive xx.x% gain, just one investment in the hidden gold rush brought 129.64%. That’s double the return on physical gold, at no extra risk, over the same period.
  • Other gains achieved are 1,727%, 976%, 842% and 1,242% respectively in companies that make up this hidden gold rush sector.Of course there were less spectacular gains…136.8%…130.2%….91.7% but none the less impressive when you compare them to the Dow Jones performance, a crash of 47% since XXX, and the majority of retirement funds.

On a personal level, I used this hidden gold rush last year to add 90.4% to my Mothers IRA (over the same period the Dow Jones plummeted) – Thing is, you could easily have done the same.

So, how exactly did these companies make such astonishing gains, what exactly is their market (if it isn’t physical gold), where’s the proof…. and most importantly…. is this safe for investors who are at the stage of life where they simply can’t take large risks with their savings?

My name is Jack Clark, award winning gold panner and Editor of Big Gold Newsletter from Casey Research.

For over a quarter of a century, world renowned investor and best-selling author Doug Casey  and the team at Casey Research have been guiding self-directed investors like you to superior returns through ground-breaking investment research designed to take advantage of precious metal opportunities.


With your permission, I’d like to introduce you to this hidden sector, and show you how I use a unique “Booster Shot” strategy for steadily increasing my reader’s retirement wealth.

But first, let’s deal with the question of Golds price pull back since September;

Sure, Gold has had to face its own headwinds in recent months.

However, the correction was not pre-empted by unfavourable fundamentals, but because the usual investors, from European banks to cash-strapped private buyers, needed to liquidate gold to cover shortfalls in other areas of their portfolio.

Supply and demand in action.

This was expected, our readers were told about it in our newsletter of XXXX 2011, and the fact is, this pull back represents a superb buying opportunity, if you have the right information.

Are things changing?

Well, in January, The Central bank of Kazakhstan bought up 3.1 metric tonnes of gold, adding 4.2% it’s reserves.

Mongolia added 1.2 metric tonnes, that’s an astonishing increase of 52%

Collectively, that’s a quarter of a Billion Dollars.

Not much in overall terms.

But the key here is that these are developing countries, and rather than hold Dollars, the usual line, they have come to the decision that fiat money, be it Dollars, yen or Euro is simply a bad idea. So they bought Gold. That is telling us that the fundamentals have changed, maybe forever.

They’ve seen gold drop in price since September, waited for their moment and went in big. 52% increase in reserves should make you and I take notice. Needs better lead into BG

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Here’s a taste of what we share in each issue;

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“Let’s face it, things are bad out there, very bad
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The thing is, it’s not what’s happening that matters. You can’t control world events. It’s what you do about it now that will make the difference between being comfortable and wealthy, over the next few years.

Without a doubt, there are major opportunities shaping up in 2012.

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Let’s get to the detail……