”Why You Can (Heck, you MUST) Ignore the Doom and Gloom Mongers in 2015……

While everyone else is busy worrying they’ll have nothing left by the time this is all over. Discover a little known ‘Booster Strategy’ I used to add as much as 90.4% to my IRA in 2011.

Dollar Debasement – Inflation – QE1,2,3….

It’s ALL Good News!

  • Why Obama can keep the printing presses rolling ‘till the cows come home, trashing the dollar and crippling the country, it needn’t matter a jot to you or your family’s  wealth.
  • Why the Dow Jones Free fall is doing you a MASSIVE favour, regardless of what CNN would have you believe.
  • Sure, rewarding ham-fisted bankers and bungling pension fund managers for colossal failure might be a sin, but it’s not your sin. So why not make out like a bandit too?
  • Europe’s Politicians are as bad as ours. Their actions should speed up the collapse of the Euro in 2012, and why it’s your next big chance to create a personal fortune.
  • Why Septembers Gold correction was expected, necessary and has set the stage for another massive rally (the last one was +35%, this one could be much higher, and it’s lining up right now).
  • And why slack jawed, conniving politicians can do their worst, because, as far as you’re concerned, the bigger the mess they make, the bigger the gain you could make.

Here’s how: ….