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Way back In 1997, 950 new customers came to us looking for a safe place to invest a percentage of their portfolio.  

They saw our 150 year history and reputation as market leaders as proof positive of an alternative investment company they could rely on.

In response to their enquiry we sent them this newsletter. New at the time, it contained our thoughts for a secure place to invest some of their funds.

We were very specific in our advice and in our reasons;

  • We explained that smart investors had already spotted this investment and were incredibly active in securing substantial profits.
  • We told them precisely why they should take action immediately to join in the profit taking.
  • We told them exactly what they should buy, where to buy it and who to speak to.

Of course, not everybody took our advice.

But those that did tripled their money.

Please turn over for even more proof of astonishing profit opportunities…

Step forward to 2003.

The list of people worldwide profiting from our newsletter had grown to 12,320.

In one issues (date here) we discussed an investment that was better than stocks, bonds or real estate.

We detailed how we had uncovered a sound reason to buy immediately;

scarcity of the stock was about to drive the market upwards very quickly.

We advised our readers take prompt action.

Again, not everyone took our advice.

However, those that did, and invested £4,000 ($8,000) have an investment today of £12,600 ($25,200).

Of course, many invested much more and saw even greater gains.

It’s important to note that this wasn’t a high risk investment; it’s a market with a 30 year record of stable growth. We’ll talk more of that in a moment.

Last year, 200X

The same list, but now (and this is important) with 65,000 subscribers. 23,000 of which had registered in the last 12 months!

23,000 people entering a market with limited stocks over a 12 month period – That tells you something is happening, something very significant.

We are now the biggest alternative investment newsletter in the world.

Why so popular? – Simply this; We don’t use sales hype, just analysis presented against a backdrop of 150 years experience, intelligent research and extensive market knowledge.

Our readers trust our integrity.

Today, world stock markets are a risky place to invest, so even more people are looking to us for reliable advice in difficult times.

They know that few indexes can offer safe investments. And of course non can make guarantees. But that’s what makes this newsletter so important to you right now.

Introducing The Stanley Gibbons Philatelic Investment Portfolio

An Investment that GUARANTEES you a minimum of
25% over the next 5 years, with the potential to go as high as 698%!”

 Here’s what it’s all about, 

but please be aware, what we discuss today may not be available a few days from now, so this information is time sensitive.

To our 65,350 investors and collectors… This is our opinion 

Rare Stamps; A safe haven for investors, and they are driving huge gains right now with a ‘unique’ factor no other index can offer.

The investment stamp market differs from normal stock indexes because it is not driven by technology, commodities or economical or political turmoil. It is driven by simple scarcity.

With investment grade stamps, no more can be made, new editions cannot ‘reappear’ unexpectedly. Most importantly, as stamps enter private collections and stay there, scarcity increases, driving investment values even higher.

Take for example The Queen Victoria Surface printed postage stamp, the focus of today’s newsletter.

  • It was introduced in 1855, just 12 months before our Founder Stanley Gibbons started his business in rare and collectible collectors items.
  • Today it is not just any investment stamp, the UK Government issued Queen Victoria surface stamp is one of the most sought after of all Great British stamps.
  • What’s more they are very rare, and getting more difficult to find every day. That presents a problem for investors and a chance for very serious gains for you.

Investors and collectors worldwide are searching for these issues, because as a safe investment vehicle in troubled times, it’s hard to beat.

That’s the reason for the huge growth in our subscriber database. Buyers from all over the world now recognise the value in low risk / high gain investment like stamps.

Among those, the Queen Victoria Surface printed postage stamp is a premium buy.

That is one reason why I say this newsletter is time sensitive. I’ll explain  another in a moment.

Current owners of these stamps know that holding the stock increases rarity and therefore prices. As they see the excellent growth performance they gain by holding their portfolio, they are reluctant to sell. Who can blame them?

Our advice over the last 10 years has been spot on. Our opinion for 2012 is that if you can buy Queen Victoria Surface Issue stamps, you should.

Here’s another reason;

No loss guaranteed and a 698% potential gain…

In the 1970’s high inflation was a worldwide problem. Prices rose exponentially. Everything from basic foods to oil, gas and petrol. Market volatility was rife and investors were ducking for cover.

That kind of instability meant a safe investment that is not based on traditional market conditions was the best place to be.

Rare stamps, exactly the type we are talking about today, saw gains of 698% in that time.

Today, inflation is knocking at the back door once again. The US is not just bailing out banks and mortgage lenders anymore; it is bailing out the whole country with 145 Billion Dollars in XXXXX. Worldwide markets are faring little better. [rewrite for Euro markets here, same premise]

The market conditions today mirror those in the ‘70’s, history IS repeating itself.

Then, sellers were realising 698% on their investment. It could easily do the same with your rare stamp collection in the next few years.

End Lead