If you’d invested $1000 in Microsoft in 1983…

Dear Mr Carter

What does $1000 buy you today?….

Less than a week in a decent hotel. Half a  years car insurance. A smartwatch.

In other words, not much.

But with that same $1000  you could be worth $7,342,020…..nearly Seven and a half million dollars today…

If you’d invested that $1000 in Microsoft in 1983, that’s how much you could be worth today. 

Or you’d be worth $11,500,000…

if you’d put the same amount in Berkshire Hathaway in 1985.

And Apple?  – $1000 in 1999 would be worth $900,000 today, almost a Millionaire from that stock alone.

In fact you have missed hundreds of deals like these. 

I could go on all day, but what’s the point, the opportunity has gone.

The thing about these kind of plays is that you need to just get everything right once…..the timing, the price, the movement, and you could be made for life.

If you can do it a few times, just a few, in your lifetime, then not just you, but your children would become wealthy too.

Of course, nowadays you’d be forgiven for thinking the opportunity for these kind of big wins was long gone, that you’d missed the boat.

Or maybe this is just bunkum?

And you think making money in the market is all about small gains, big risks and lots of work.

Or perhaps it all just seems too time consuming, too risky. You feel that the markets are just too crazy..

Maybe you think that no matter what you try, where you put your money and how many times you give investing a try it’s just not for you……

And that’s why your subscription to Asia Growth Stocks has lapsed.

Possibly, as you focus more on just getting by in this economy, on price hikes and tax rises….on the insane price of a tank of gas or a loaf of bread, you can’t even find the time to look at investments?

Understandable. But it means you probably missed out on a +388% gain on Dusit Bangkok, and +298% on le Saunda, among others?

Perhaps you even feel you’re better off battening down the hatches and waiting things out because there are no profits to be made when everything seems so chaotic.

Again, it’s understandable. But you’d be wrong.

In fact, It’s exactly that chaos that holds the key to yours and your families wealth over the next few years.

Here’s why……..

There is a company right now that has all the upside of the opportunities I mentioned above, the ones that made their investors a small fortune, and little if any of the downside.

But this one has something extra, something astonishing, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Once you know the name, you simply have to pick up the phone or go online and buy shares.

Not shares at $9 apiece like Apple, mind.

As we speak they are trading at just $0.40.

In this company, for $500 you could own 1220 shares right now.

In a year, maybe less, they could easily be worth $4.

That’s a nice win, but hold them for longer and they could be the cornerstone of your family wealth for generations.

But why this trade, and why now, what makes it so special?………..

You already know that Gold is the safe haven people rush to when currencies and economies are faltering.

It’s where ‘normal’ investors feel their money is safest.

Well, yes. Possibly.

But think about this, it’s important;

As the Dollar keeps sliding, the Euro looks to implode and Governments around the world are buying up gold reserves as a safeguard against the inevitable collapse of the Dollar, the ‘retail’ price of gold as you might expect, goes up.

Yet extracting it from the ground, mining it, doesn’t get any more expensive.

That means mining companies have little extra overhead and a lot more profit when the price of gold goes up.

According to Pete Expert, Forbes.com Gold Analyst and Author of ‘The Metal Kings’ When the US Bond bubble finally ruptures and bursts, wiping trillions of dollars from the value of companies, pension fund and 401K’s, there will be a mad rush to gold.

People will be looking for safe havens of last resort. Precious metals, gold in particular, fills that gap.

But what if Gold prices fall back?

Since 2008 gold has risen by X%, yes it has fallen back recently, but the fact is even a 30% overnight collapse in Gold prices would not hurt this company. And w

If they are well run businesses, they are still making a profit.

So investors in these kind of companies are protected against sharp falls in gold.

And that’s where the hidden profits in Gold is, the mines.

The trade opportunity I want to send you today, at no charge has $25.7 Billion of gold in the ground right now.

Until the recent gold rush, this company was struggling. Extractions costs at $600 an ounce were too high to make the business viable.

But with Gold at $1600, the astonishing thing is;

Without spending a penny more in infrastructure, staffing, raw materials or marketing, this company, has gone from being a dead duck to insanely profitable.

As world economies continue to struggle, Gold will continue to rise.

With a market cap of just $22,000,000, it’s shares are a steal right now, for the simple fact that traders worldwide haven’t caught on yet.

And while the Directors are buying s many shares as they can, making themselves very rich, at the bargain price of $x a share, they are happy to run under the radar for a little while longer.

Right there, is the next Hathaway, the next Microsoft. The next big play.

Because when this gets out, it’s going to be huge.

After months of following this company, I can see the signs that a break out is bubbling under the surface.

I’ve just finished my report. It’s called XXX.

It tells you how much gold to expect from production, how much it costs to get every ounce out of the ground, how high you can expect the shares to go and why the rising price of gold, faltering economies, Greek default Euro collapse, a collapsing dollar and a free floating Yuan are all lining up to make this a once in a decade play that could transform your finances one on go.

Genuinely. this could be the ‘one’. Don’t miss it.

The report is available right now on our website for $497.00 You can buy it right now.

But don’t go yet…….

Because even though this information, for what could be one of the biggest plays of the decade, at $497 is a steal, and you could make 10, 20 even 100 times your money back as Gold marches inevitably higher, I’d like you to have it from me, as a gift, the moment you renew your subscription for Asian Stock Growth.

As a past subscriber, and one who understands the value of timely, reliable advice, the kind that gave readers +338% on Bangkok Dusit…+298% on Le Saunda and +314% on China State Construction in the last year.

I believe that for whatever reason you let your subscription lapse, you can see how just one big play could transform your financial future.

Just one.

And as we continuously bring you profitable opportunities like those above, and others like Yanzou Coal, where shares are now at $2.20 up from $17 cents (and could easily head to $10 a share when they make their next move) that ‘one’ could be anytime.

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I look forward to sending you my next letter


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