This is the most unique resource anywhere for our industry, with 2879 high level contacts and the market data that matters to your sales targets.

The UK’s Most Comprehensive Selling Tool for the
Animal Feeds Industry Has Just Been Published…

If you’re quick, You’ll get a whole years worth of updates absolutely free


Feed Businesses Directory, now in its seventh year, is compiled exclusively for businesses that supply and sell to the animal feed industry.

As a sales professional, this is your comprehensive guide to all of the major UK manufacturers of animal and pet food products, as well as hundreds of connected suppliers and service providers right across the country.
No more web research or reading through industry news-feeds hunting for leads. Everything you need, one place.

Here’s How it Works;

  • Complete Contact Details – Want to get in touch with the Sales Director at an integrated Poultry Producer?No problem!  – You’ll find inclusive details on company name, contact name, telephone, fax, website and email.
  • Comprehensive Market Intelligence – Want to get up to speed on a pet food manufacturer? – We hear you! – You get turnover, profit and loss, balance sheet, detailed cash flow specifics, ownership data, trading names and major brands owned. We even list subsidiaries and divisions. So not only will you know who to talk to, you’ll impress them with your knowledge of their business too! 
  • Need Info on the road? – Available as a PDF Format, it’s readable on any device. Sure, there will be some window pinching required on a reduced Smartphone screen.  But that’s a small price to pay to have the entire industry at your fingertips.

Simply put – we give you the information you need to do your job.

Here’s exactly what you get; [note, all in bold typeface]

  • [NUMBER HERE] Feed Compounder businesses
  • [NUMBER HERE]  Petfood Manufacturers
  • [NUMBER HERE] Horse Feed Manufacturers 
  • [NUMBER HERE] Blender Companies 

This is the most unique resource anywhere for our industry, with over [NUMBER] contacts and the market data that matters to your sales targets.
Of course, in our industry things change all the time. You know what it’s like… People move up, move across or move on. So you need to stay on top of things.

That’s why we update Animal Feed Directory four times a year.

And there’s no hanging round for the postman, you get instant access to a downloadable password protected PDF. Print a copy for your desk. Put a digital version on your computer, then transfer a copy to your smartphone and you’re ready to go!

All this, comprehensive data for selling to the countries foremost animal feed businesses, regularly updated contact in formation and immediate access for a one time, 100% tax deductible fee of just £95.00.

And it Get’s Better…

Normally, our quarterly updates cost an additional fee of £30 to cover our research and publishing time. Of course, that’s great value for the peace of mind knowing that your prospecting records are up to date.

But for the next few days, we’re giving away the updates option totally free of charge.

Orders placed this week will receive all four editions for 2014 at the reduced rate of £95.

That means…

  • All the extra editions, updates, renewals and new business listings won’t cost a penny more for the entire year.
  • [324] key decision makers, ready for you to contact, connect with and book appointments to meet….today
  • Delivered automatically, you never need to wonder if your records are current. Receive the updated copy, delete the old one and carry on with your day.

And you get all this for far less than the price of even a small advert in just one sector magazine or newsletter.

To get instant access to hundreds of sales leads and the intelligence that you need before you get in touch…with free updates for the entire year

You can;

  • Drop by the website at [URL] and order online (if this is an email, add link to the actual order page, I suggest the order page is rewritten and redesigned to strengthen the sales process following this letter re-write)
  • Call us now on [PHONENUMBER] with your credit card details (or just for more information)