“3 Million American Bought Gold Coins in 2011 12.4% are FAKES….WORTHLESS”

If you own Gold or Silver coins, there’s a 1 in 16 chance you’ve been screwed.
If you have, don’t panic. Here’s what to do about it……

“3 Million American Bought Gold Coins in 2011

In fact, the box they came in is worth more!
Here’s how to check yours right now.



Dear Gold Investor,

As our economy tanks, stocks collapse and CD’s pay less than inflation rate yields, it seems like everyone is piling into gold coins, the reliable ‘safety net’.

Smart move?

Normally, yes. But the trouble is, most people don’t know the least thing about buying gold coins, or silver coins for that matter.

That opens up huge opportunities for gangsters, smugglers ,fraudsters and con men to rip you off, steal your money and give you a worthless hunk of metal instead of a valuable addition to your retirement portfolio.

And they’ll disappear the second they have their dirty hands on your money.

Forbes.com estimates, in a report released on April 25th that 14 tonnes of gold were used to make counterfeit coins in 2011. That’s  over a Billion Dollars worth of fake coins in circulation, from last year alone!

Sure, they look good, almost perfect in fact .  Even dealers and store owners can be fooled by them.

But with little real gold or silver in them, they are worthless pieces of metal, curiosities at best.

You’ll be lucky to sell them on ebay.

The box they came in is worth more.

So, can you tell if the coins you own are fake?

Can you be sure that the coins you want to buy and add that critical level of safety to your portfolio are genuine, and you are not the hapless victim of a heartless huckster?

Thankfully, it’s very easy.

In fact there’s a simple 5 second  ‘sight, sound & density’ test you can do right now on every coin you own, or coins you are thinking of buying, that will make you 100% sure you have the genuine article and not a rehashed baked bean can.

It works on both silver and gold coins. Use it on ingots too, or jewelry.

I have detailed the test, and added a report on the safest way to buy precious coins and where to get the best deals right now in a report I call ‘Making Money, and staying safe with Precious Coins 2012’ and it’s available right now, for free at LINK.

My name is Dan Rosenthal.  For 30 Years I have lived and breathed Silver and Gold.

I’m the Editor of this, the Owner of that and the expert who renowned international investor Doug Casey called ‘The ONLY guy in town to go to if you want  to stay safe in the shark infested waters of Gold and Silver coins”

Since 1975, I’ve helped thousands of people buy coins at the best prices and make significant gains as the value of their coins rose in good economies and bad.

For example, in 1996 I told my readers to buy the Gold Yogi bear at $120.00 Today, it’s worth $1290.00. Not bad for something you buy then never touch or worry about?

Then there was the Fred Flinstones Silver Dollar.

We bought it at $312 in December 2008, just as the crash really started to bite.

You could sell it today to any dealer in town for $950. A 312% profit in less than five years.

How does that compare to the Dow,  putting your money into CD’s or screen watching day in day out trying to second guess the market?

And why sell?

Unless you need the money right now, the Flintstone Dollar is only going one way, up.

They are not making any more, and collectors around the world are clamouring to own one.

If you don’t need the cash, this one is a keeper.

End lead….