"Swap your 2% CD for a 6% Super CD"

Dear Investor,

This letter is about a CD that likely as not, you have never heard of.

Yet it pays three times, or more, what normal CDs would pay you right now. Plus, it is fully insured by FDIC.

In other words, It’s totally safe place for your money to be, and  right now you can lock in a guaranteed return of 6%.

That’s three times or more than most CDs are paying.


If you have them, swapping your existing CD for these new Super CDs makes sense.

If, because of the low rates they offer, you’ve stayed clear of CDs, despite their built in safety, read on to find out why now could be the perfect time to get started.

Sounds too good to be true?

I thought so too, before I looked at the detail. But as you’ll see in a moment it IS perfectly true. Indeed thousands of investors already enjoy these returns, why not you?

Better still, on top of this opportunity, I have also uncovered NINE other bonds that will pay you from somewhere just under 4% to over 5%.

Same FDIC cover, same low risk, 

but up to X3 the yield.

NINE places to spread your risk, each one bringing in far higher yields than you are getting from your CDs right now, and are likely to for quite some time, given Washington’s crusade to punish savers and investors alike with near zero interest rates.

If you think that going for higher gains, means higher risk, and a greater chance that you could lose your money, I’ll show why this is understandable, but ultimately, wrong.

In other words these are the best places to put your money while the US continues to claws its way out of recession. Because despite tax hikes and inflation, these CDs can keep you safe through the whole thing.

This ‘Super CD’ is very easy to understand, quick to set up and a cinch to monitor alongside other more complex investment vehicles.

Better still, as your income is paid out quarterly or annually, meaning you can reinvest, or choose live off the interest, your choice.

Not too shabby, agreed?

Before we go on, let me warn you, these investments aren’t for everyone. While the risks remain negligible and insurances protect your funds, there are a couple of differences you’ll need to think about. I will get to those in a moment.

So,what’s the detail?……… where can you, today, swap your 2% CDs for 4%,5% even 6%?

Are they some secret deal, reserved as usual only for the super wealthy investor with millions to put into it?

No, not at all.

Or maybe were talking about some tinpot company keeping the engines running on a wing and a prayer while they look for the next fool to come along with a bag of cash and a get rich quick dream.

Again, no.

These are rock solid, reputable CDs with all the safeguards you’d expect from the ones you’re holding (or considering holding) right now, and they are open to anyone with the knowledge of how to get involved in them.

the only real difference, they pay more, three times more.

I know what your thinking, If they’re so great, why haven’t you heard about them before today?

Because Washington wants you to invest here in America, in US dollars. They are concerned with capital flight when investors like you, willing to look beyond the mainstream, get wise to opportunities outside our borders and Sending your Dollars overseas.

So, while they can’t stop you putting your money in these overseas CD,s they’ll no longer have control of your money.

So you can understand why they don’t exactly shout this from the rooftops.

 But What’s done is done…..

OK, let’s not waste time blaming governments and banks for the mess our economy at home is in.

Yes, they screwed up, And yes, regardless of whether you are Democrat, Republican or anything in-between, we have to live with the mess they’ve made. But sooner or later, we have to move on from it.

And while it may seem more normal, more patriotic even, to only put your money in US Dollar investments, those days, for the type of experienced investor I believe you are, have gone.

And they are not coming back any time soon.

So let’s focus on what’s important, the challenge of putting our money where it will do the best for us in a recession.

Agreed, It IS a challenge, and I can help you overcome it.

My name is xx ,I’m the CEO of The XX Report, a monthly investment newsletter written for investors that are able to think for themselves, act for themselves and who can read and understand opportunities quickly.

This a monthly newsletter for people who can quickly grasp the reason a stock play make sense.

It offers regular, fast opportunity for serious profit if you are ready to take action to build on your portfolio.

Does that sound like you?

OK, that’s really all that’s required to take advantage of this CD I mentioned earlier, so let’s get to it.

I have set out everything you need to know in a short ‘facts only, no fluff’ report you can download within minutes.

The report was put together by myself and my team of world class investment analysts. This year so far they have down this, this and this.

My latest report, the 6% CD, has just been released. It is not available for general release.

If you are sitting on 2% CD’s or even less, you need to read this today. Every day you delay costs you money.

The cost of this information?…..

Well, considering the value of this information you’re no doubt expecting a high price tag right now. or a sales pitch followed by a buy now button.

But this information is free.

In fact, If you’ll allow, I’d like to send you the full details on all nine amazing opportunities at zero cost, and no commitment to anything.

It’s free because If you have money in CDs,or your considering it as an option,  you need this information urgently.

And it’s a chance to show you, again at no cost or commitment, how my newsletter, the Casey Report has since 2001 highlighted discoveries like this, ones that bring n profits of x in x and x in x.

More than a Newsletter

this is a USELetter.

investment opportunities with a Xxxx Year History of reliable, useable information.

You see, seeking out opportunities like these is the sole focus of the Casey Report team.

Every month we bring out a fresh edition, with new and little known in the mainstream opportunities for financial growth, for increasing your personal net worth, for paying off your mortgage, for building your retirement nest egg.

We look at ways to profit from Washington and Wall Streets decisions, the same ones that have bankrupted our country. The more of a mess they make, we like bandits

xx isn’t for beginners. It’s for you if you understand what’s needed to make the right decisions, and appreciate the value of having a team behind you that will save you hours of tedious research digging out the best plays. Making sense of them.

It’s for you if want in-depth analysis, without doing it yourself. Leaving it instead to a team with over xxxxx years collectively of going the extra mile to bring you the best in energy, gold, technical and currency.

Of course, you can’t leave decisions regarding your money to chance. You need confidence that you are in good hands, that when an opportunity opens up, it has Been thoroughly researched.

End lead.