If at the end of every month, you find you’ve once again spent far more than you’ve anticipated…


Dear Reader

If you try your best to keep expenses down, yet at the end of every month, you find you’ve once again spent far more than you’ve anticipated… not on luxuries mind, just day to day living…

If, despite your hard work and well thought out plans, you feel you’re just not getting anywhere financially…

If the cost of living has seen your savings disappear and your pension dwindle away….

If you’re smart enough to realise that ‘sticking your head in the sand‘ is easier, but not the answer you need…

Then Welcome to  WEBSITE, the new online magazine  that’s all about your job, your financial future, your salary, your home, your health, your leisure time, your family.

The magazine that is all about YOU.

It’s about making your financial life easier, much easier.

This is an invitation to sample the next two editions of SimpleMoneyTree.com report on us –And if you like it, to continue for as long as it is making a real financial difference to you and your family.

WEBSITE is an effortless way to help you cope better with all – not just a few– of the ins and outs of your family finances.


By showing you a straightforward  and very fast (20 minutes a week) method to take care of debts, family costs, mortgages, car expenses and even some luxuries too…. by making you more than enough extra money to easily pay for them all each week, without ever dipping into your pay packet.

Here’s what it’s about…

WEBSITE is a well documented and proven formula for placing trades on the largest market in the world, the Forex Market. In fact £1.6 Trillion is traded each day.  It’s 30 times bigger than the stock market, and open 24/7 every day except Christmas.

You really don’t need experience, skill, technical knowledge or financial ‘know how’.  You simply need to be able to follow instructions and be ready to act every week as soon as the report lands in your email inbox.

I’ll explain more about your profit potential in a moment but first,  if anyone has ever told you it’s impossible to make any money trading in Forex, I have to be honest, in one way they are right.

Yes people lose, but that’s because they do this the hard way.

They try to study financial charts,  they buy expensive courses with complicated strategies and they have a go at technical analysis.

In truth, those skills take years to learn. Most people don’t have the patience. They rush in unprepared… they throw their money at a ‘sure thing’ or a hunch.

You know the rest.

“Amazing! I earned £341 last week simply be doing exactly what you told me to do. it took about 10 minutes all in…LOVE IT! – Martine Kilbane, East Sussex

As a member of WEBSITE you would have profited by as much as £873 in January, £533 in February, £1012 in March..

So far this month we at  £239 and counting.

Because WEBSITE is all about trading the smart way.

It doesn’t mean months of study…

It doesn’t mean trying to ‘guess’ where the market is going

It means letting a highly accurate trader make the decisions,
and simply following his lead.

For the past 3 years, Paul Morgan  an ex Banker and University Lecturer has fine tuned a very smart  way to dip in and out of the money market.

Paul enters the market, takes fifty pound here , and a couple of hundred  there, and he does it week in, week out.

His strategy is simply to ride on the coat tails of the worlds largest Merchant banks, slicing off tiny fractions of the billions in profits they make. He has learned exactly what to look for, and his results are very impressive.

Now, we have teamed up with Paul to hand you exactly the same trades he will be making each week. All you have to do to make this kind of money, in less than an hour a week, is follow along.

Every Sunday at 7pm we release a short report written by Paul, Just a few lines, telling you where he expects foreign currencies to move in the coming week. We don’t get into charts, or technical analysis. All you want to know is what trade to place, and that’s all we tell you.

In truth, we do all but press the buttons for you.

If you want security in these uncertain, and frankly frightening times,WEBSITE brings it to you. And the tougher things get for the  ‘normal’ working man, the more money you can make.

Don’t worry if you have never traded before, it’s very straightforward.

With this, you don’t need any trading experience whatsoever and we start from the assumption that you have no knowledge about currency markets or how to trade them.

We’ll take  you step by step through every part of it. You can even watch a series of videos, your own personal teacher, ready to take you by the hand through every part of the process.

Once you’ve practised it a couple of times, it’s like riding a bike. You’ll never forget.

You can pick and choose when you do this. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.

This can be your personal ATM machine for life.