In the last 12 months you have kept right up to date on laws, technological advancements, government rulings (the good and the bad) and the latest news in the energy sector….

The Original Re-subscription Letter.


I would like to remind you that your subscription to [NAME] magazine has now expired.

The Winter 2014 issue of [NAME] magazine will include a special article on [CONTENT] for your lead-acid batteries, show reports from BNG27, BM 48V Power Supply Systems and IES along with articles from our experts and lots, lots more.


Just £50 (or the equivalent in EUR or USD) buys you an annual subscription for the digital version – supplied as a ‘no frills’ pdf and as a ‘page turning eMag’, which will work on both Windows and Mac computers.

The pdf version means you can clip any articles, news stories and more and save them in your own archive, or print them. As long as they are for your own use, you will not be contravening our copyright.

(reduced for brevity)


I reworked the client’s letter into this….


  • In the last 12 months you have kept right up to date on laws, technological advancements, government rulings (the good and the bad) and the latest news in the energy sector….
  • You were among the very first to hear about the launch of the breakthrough ZXR Technologies and the massive impact it would have on energy renewables in 2013 …
  • When The Harlington Resources scandal broke you knew exactly what was happening, who the key players were, what the fallout would be and how it affected our industry…
  • For the last year you have enjoyed exactly the same access to energy sector intelligence trusted by CEO’s, Government Ministers and Industry advisors across the world to help in the decision and policy making that shapes our planet.
[MAGAZINE NAME HERE]  has kept you completely up to date on every energy sector development across the world.

In fact, over the last 12 months there have been no less than 32 key industry announcements that mattered to you, your business and your career.

That’s why I wanted to let you know that your subscription to [MAGAZINE NAME HERE] is due for renewal shortly.

To make sure that there are no interruptions to you receiving the latest news, below is a  ’quick link’ where you can renew in less than a minute.

But before I give you the link , I wanted to tell you about a very special report I’d like to give you instant access to the moment you renew.

It sets out in detail where we believe the latest technologies will come from (as you’ll see, definitely NOT the usual places) and how to profit from them as an early investor.

We will be offering it on our site for £X (yes three times the price of your annual subscription) once it’s published but I’d like to send you a your personal copy absolutely free when you re-subscribe BEFORE the general public get to see it.

I know you won’t want to miss the next breaking story, job alert, investment opportunity or groundbreaking technology announcement.

You’ll know of course that hundreds of hours of research, interviews, and detailed analysis make up the pages of each edition of  [MAGAZINE NAME HERE].

No other publication in our industry invests so many resources to make absolutely sure you get every piece of news that’s relevant to your business and career.

From our Editor (NAME HERE] to our reporters, analysts and industry experts who write our industry reports, we make sure that whatever happens in the energy sector, if it’s important to you, we’ll make sure you know about it.
And the good news is….

We’re holding the price for you. You won’t pay a penny more than last year!

Renewing your subscription costs just £50 for the online version and £99 for the print version.

Of course, most of our subscribers opt for the printed version, meaning they get easy, instant access to a world class  archive of industry reports as well stories and events, whenever they need them.

All this from the industry leader in energy news at EXACTLY the same price you paid last year.

Also, when you opt for the printed version, you automatically get instant access to the online version at no extra cost..

That means you can research over 10 years of industry data wherever you have internet access,  at home, in the car or on the factory floor.

So, to make sure you stay on top of the news, enjoy uninterrupted access to the online archives, be among the first to to hear about the best opportunities and are fully aware of ALL the breaking stories in energy, CLICK here to renew your subscription and get instant access to the report I mentioned earlier.