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For over 160 years, we’ve been squarely in the thick of things…

Our offices sit less than a third of a mile from Westminster, just three streets away from Whitehall and within easy listening range of the bars, restaurants and hangouts of the movers and shakers, the Ministers, MP’s and MEP’s. The Lords, Ladies and Lobbyists. The Pollsters and Pundits, the Talking Heads and the Turncoats. The Yea-sayers, nay-sayers and doomsayers that make up our fascinating political world.

If it matters to you, it matters to us, and you’ll find it in The Local Authority Review

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  • With unparalleled connections and contacts in Westminster, St Andrews House, The Welsh Assembly and Stormont, no-one does more to keep you on top of every twist and turn of the political machine than The Local Authority Review
  • No other source is better placed to tell you who’s who, what’s what, what’s next and how it affects the rising stars of Local Authorities nationwide
  • No-one is closer to the breaking news that forms public opinion and forges political policy.
  • No other publication fills their pages with such in-depth investigations, interviews, comments and analysis from right across the spectrum of departments, portfolios and political parties to ensure you know exactly what’s going on in even the darkest corners of the Local council panorama.

And nobody, but nobody has the journalism experience to get right to the heart of the story than our team of writers;  Dave Dodd, Fiona Rose Marrs, Aliyah Bumble, Ciara chukiarla, Kait Gleeson and Michael Connor. That’s a claim very few can make.



“There is no other independent publications that speaks
so honestly and so directly,
to today’s Local Authority Offices


  • If it’s a change in policy or a change in pay, it’s In The Local Authority Review
  • If it’s the rising costs of pension contributions, the affects of pay freezes on your team, your department and even your family. We’re right on it, digging deep.
  • If it’s a big story on reform agendas or a small story of an imminent job move that could open an opportunity for you, we’re there, keeping you in the loop.

From rising expectations to falling morale, we know what’s important to you, to your staff and to your family 

The Big Story’s That Count,
The Small Story’s That Matter

You want to go places. We have the contacts, the knowledge, the inside information and the integrity to help you get there.

There is other news, but we cover the news that matters to your career in the Civil Service.


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