If you demand more than the fog horns and sound-bites of pantomime politics…



If you demand more than the Fog Horns and sound-bites of pantomime politics…

If you want the whole story, not just the mealy mouthed meanderings of Pollsters and Pundits, Yea-sayers, Nay-sayers and Doomsayers…

If you want intelligent debate and independent political analysis of the stories that matter…

 Don’t Just Follow Westminster…. Follow Whitehall.

Dear [NAME]

You already know how Total Politics Magazine helps you make sense of a complex political world.
You recognise the importance of stepping beyond armchair politics and getting to the heart of stories that truly shape our country.
You realise too, that the Political landscape is far bigger than Westminster.
After all when the talking stops in Westminster, the buck stops at Whitehall.

That’s where Government policies are carried out. Often agreeably, sometimes not.

Whitehall, the home of the Civil Service, is where the cut and thrust of British politics really gets going, and Civil Service Magazine, is right at the heart of it.

“Since 2004 We’ve Been A Listening Post to
What’s Happening Across the Entire
 Political Landscape”

For a decade, Civil Service World Magazine has connected the dots between Westminster and Whitehall.

It opens a window into the bigger picture of political life.
With policy analysis, interviews, debate and mature discussion, it’s your opportunity to witness the fall-out of political tom-foolery and the showcasing of successful policy making in equal measure.
It’s about the influencers and leaders who take political decisions and forge them into the policies that impact our lives everyday.
It’s about intelligent political thinking.
There is no other independent publication that speaksso honestly and so directly about the issues that drive Whitehall.
No other publication has more connections and contacts in Westminster, St Andrews House, The Welsh Assembly and Stormont, keeping you on top of every twist and turn of the political machine.
No-one is closer to the breaking news that forms public opinion and forges political policy.
No other publication fills their pages with such in-depth investigations, interviews, comments and thoughtful analysis from right across the spectrum of departments, portfolios and political parties to ensure you know exactly what’s going on in even the darkest corners of the Civil Service panorama.
And nobody, but nobody has the journalism experience to get right to the heart of the story than our team of writers; Matt Ross, Colin Marrs, Suzannah Brecknell, Joshua Chambers, Winnie Agbonlahor and Michael Barber. That’s a claim very few can make.

Civil Service World is the perfect companion to your subscription to Total Politics. It takes a different perspective. It completes the picture.

That’s why as a reader of TOTAL POLITICS, we’d like to encourage you to give Civil Service World a try, at our risk, not yours

We’re just about to re-launch Civil Service World in an all-new format. New writer, articles, features and commentators, it comes in a glossy magazine style for easier, faster access to the articles and analysis that matters to you.

Delivered right to your door every four weeks, it’s your fastest, easiest way to stay engaged, stay in the loop and stay on top of exactly what’s going on in Whitehall.

I invite you to subscribe to Civil Service World today, give it a try, see if it’s as good as we say it is, and we will shoulder all the risk, just in case at any time you decide that it’s not for you.
To get started, if you’d like to take Civil Service for a whirl,

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In other words, the first three issues
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The same breaking stories, in depth evaluation, interviews, job news and dare I say it, gossip as everyone else, but for £x off the subscription price.

But we don’t stop there

Your 100% No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.

To make absolutely sure that you risk nothing, if ever you don’t feel more enlightened, more stimulated, and more knowledgeable because of the articles, reports and analysis you have read in Civil Service World, just cancel.
You’ll get an unquestioned refund on all issues still to go. You won’t owe a penny.

So with your first THREE issues coming to you free of charge, you can say yes now [LINK], and decide later.
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