"We're Thinking of Buying Another Agency"...

"We're Thinking of Buying Another Agency"...

There are really only three ways to grow your agency...

"Where Do We Start?"

You can grow one client at a time, grow through funded acquisitions or of course you can sell your agency to a bigger one, with deeper pockets, baked in clients and a team to help you develop.

The first is safer but slower, the second is much faster but means for a time at least you will have an indebted company. The third means you give up control for the benefit of the resources a bigger agency will provide.

All have their pluses and minuses, but acquisitions work when economies of scale and cross selling allow you to reduce costs in the company being acquired to help fund the acquisition.

"So, buying is a faster way to grow?"

A standard agency will usually sell for 3X your EBITDA.

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And of course, you will own it free and clear once the debt is paid down. You can bolt it on to your existing agency or keep the brand and build a portfolio. You may choose to keep the seller of the agency on board as a part of the deal or you might already have the skillset in your existing agency, so you can let them go, reduce duplicated overheads and then benefit from economies of scale.

The research for the opportunity, the valuations, price negotiation and deal management right up to the point you take control of the business. That's our job,

There are things to think about of course, the numbers have to add up and you'll have a company with debt for a couple of years, but yes, it's the fastest approach to growth.

"How could I fund an acquisition?"

You don't need all the money upfront. In fact with our help you could acquire a £3,000,000 agency for around £100k

"Explain how that could work"

Let's say we do the research and have found a Social Agency with a turnover of £3,000,000 and an adjusted EBITDA of £400,000.

Valued at X3 EBITDA

the agency would be worth around

£1.2 Million.

To take ownership. you would need £400K on day one.

But not in cash.

The details need explaining, so we have prepared a buyers pitch-deck that you can review, download, print and share with your management team, Non-Execs and shareholders to help make the right decision and decided if this kind of growth strategy is right for you.

Cool, show me

"How much will it cost to work with Nudge?"

If we simply send you opportunities as they come along. Our service is free. We keep your details on a database, if we feel we have a match, we let you know,

Our charges can be built into the overall funding programme.

Transparent and Fair.

To get started, we charge a one off £750+VAT to prepare valuations of your existing company, to help us with negotiate the funding we can negotiate for your acquisition plans.

If we work with you to build a custom advisory and acquisitions programme with our research and deal management team, where you have our team as your team, actively talking to agency owners on your behalf, advising on strategy, funding and implementation, we charge a retainer fee of £750 per month.

Then, only when we find a deal for you and conclude a successful acquisition on your behalf, we charge 5.4% of the deal value.

With Nudge, you're in safe hands. We were successful agency owners before we were Brokers. 25 years in the agency world with clients like Haymarket, BetVictor, British Gas, Casey Research, Campaign Magazine, PR Week and dozens more.

Our MD Jamie Sylvian was a Joint-Founder of the company that became Uswitch, sold for £200m in 2006

"How far could I take this?"

You can buy one agency. You can buy a number. You may even choose to work with us on a focused and fully managed

3 year growth strategy that gives you our expertise and advice on hand at the end of the phone, acting as your M&A team to help you build a portfolio of agencies.

And why Should I Talk To You About Buying an Agency?

"Who Are Nudge?"...

We're Nudge, based in London. Our focus is 100% on the sale and acquisitions of agencies. To you it means that we work exclusively with agency CEOs worldwide, so we understand the culture and the subtleties of an agency sale

We only Work in the Creative Sector

Our Founder was the copywriter behind major campaigns in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. On top of that he was the joint-founder of a marketing agency called Sira that rebranded as Uswitch.com and sold for £200M in 2006

Creative is in Our DNA

Before you decide to work with us to buy an agency or build a portfolio we will explain the processes, expectations and fees that you can expect. We'll guide you every step of the way, from deciding on a strategy to finding the opportunity and agreeing the sale. We're end to end.

We Have Transparent Fees

We have clients all around the world. The moment we start to search for opportunities for you, we will be searching based on your criteria right across the sector and right across the world.

We Are International

How Do I Move This Forward?

We speak to agencies every day, from all corners of the world and all parts of our industry. We may have the perfect fundable acquisition on our books right now. So to download our pitch-deck, tell us a bit more about your agency. We'll check our list of opportunities and get back to you for a chat.

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