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a copywriter first and everything else secondRead more at http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/write-now-lost-art-copywriting/1367331#HeZIXwG0jHLWAb3I.99

Unlock the ‘code’ of buying behaviour

Since 1991, Nudge Founder Jamie Sylvian has advised businesses worldwide on the use of psychological persuasion techniques and the role of subtle persuasion in sales, performance and voluntary compliance. A copywriter first and everything else second, Jamie specialises in the art of persuading people to respond to written communications with specific, anticipated actions, Jamie advises communications teams in the private sector and in Local Authorities to adopt these techniques to increase revenues and create stronger engagement with prospects, customers and stakeholders.

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The work we do at nudge

“Most people believe that the choices they make result from a rational analysis of available alternatives. In reality, however, emotions greatly influence and, in many cases, even determine our decisions.” (Source: Psychology Today) – Our focus is on the written communications, often called neuromarketing or ‘nudge’ marketing, the psychology involved in soft persuasion that affects the reaction and action to written communications, emails, letters, posters, posts, banners and Social commentary. We create both the content and coach the marketing and communications staff in both private and public sectors in training courses across the UK.  Our work covers communications departments in local authorities whose role it is to create effective, engaging communications for local residents that ask for compliance in matters of social cohesion. In the private sector we have worked with companies of all sizes, from major international publishers like Haymarket and Dods publishing to B2B software companies, insurance, and financial businesses. Also, Jamie Sylvian’s writing  (a series of emails, banners, posts and articles) relaunched Civil Service World Magazine in the UK. Our work in Lead Generation gives companies brand new market opportunities. Nudge works closely with clients in the UK, Gibraltar, USA and Hong Kong to create marketing and sales based communication strategies for business growth. strategies . Check out our portfolio, read our strategy papers and if you would like to learn more about us and if we can help you in developing your communications, set up a conference call with your team and ours to see how we can work together.

Neuroscientists have revealed that we take ‘mental possession’ of a product before we make a physical purchase of a product. When you Sell, That’s handy to know….

The influential role of emotion in the decision making process in consumer behavior is well documented:

fMRI neuro-imagery proves that when evaluating your brands, consumers primarily go through an emotional process to make decisions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than solely relying on information supplied by you (brand attributes, features, and facts).
As a business you should note that advertising research shows ’emotional response’ to an advert has far greater impact on a consumer’s intention and decision to buy a product or service than the ad’s content – in fact, by 3-to-1 for television commercials and 2-to-1 for print ads.
Research conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation concluded that the emotion of “likeability” is the measure most predictive of whether an advertisement will increase a brand’s sales. Studies show that positive emotions toward a brand have far greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments which are based on a brand’s attributes.

“Jamie, I’ve been reviewing copywriting for over 30 years. Frank Johnson (Johnson Box),
Jim Rutz, Gary Bencevinga, Mike Palmer and many other A+ copywriters and
you’re up there, you have a great style”Jeff Greenberg - JG ASSOCIATES NEW YORK CITY
Jeff Greenberg
Jg Associates New York City

“Jamie, I’ve been reviewing copywriting for over 30 years. Frank Johnson (Johnson Box)
Jim Rutz, Gary Bencenvinga, Mike Palmer
and many other A+ copywriters and you’re up there, you have a great style”

Good or bad, everything is a story.

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NUDGE Campaigns

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Jeff Greenberg
Jg Associates New York City

“Jamie, I’ve been reviewing copywriting for over 30 years. Frank Johnson (Johnson Box), Jim Rutz, Gary Bencevinga, Mike Palmer, and many other A+ copywriters and you’re up there, you have a great style”

Keith Bucknell
Cooltec AirConditioning, malaga Spain

One of Jamie’s strategies made us the number one air conditioning company in the region. Jamie’s idea for focusing specific marketing pages to expats based on their language increased business by 42% and the flag image idea was genius in opening up a new market for us”

Your copy is amazing! 🙂Kathryn Aragon, Founder, Kathryn Aragon Media, Where Content Meets Conversion

“We’re embarking on a major launch through Australia. Big plans and challenges ahead. Since 2003 we’ve always had Jamie in our corner and recommend him and his team at Nudge”

Steve Howe
Australian Barbers Association

“Nudge created an ‘in resort’ strategy to help our ski holiday makers have a great time in resort. The app idea generates positive feedback and has resulted in rebooking from day one”

Matt Bradwell
Bansko Chalets Bulgaria

“Jamie at Nudge wrote our entire book sales promotions (28 pages) and helped develop the strategy that launched it across the USA and Canada. His writing skills are amazing”

Den Miller
Author, New York

“Jamie is a creative with an excellent knowledge of web protocol and not just what looks good, but crucially, what works.”

~ Alicja Zachucha, Digital Marketing Manager – London

“Jamie’s strategy, ideas and implementation grew our business to over 500 staff and exponential growth in the early start up phase of our business”
~ Lord George Milford Haven (ex)USwitch.com – London

“Jamie’s copywriting was the key to a new publication launch for our company”

~ D. Casey, Owner of Casey Research in New York

“Fantastic, many thanks indeed for your time and the “bonus” time you graciously gave us, the team were really animated and enthused!”

~ Martin Parker. Betvictor.com, Gibraltar

“communication strategies that stick”…

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