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B2B Email Campaigns

B2B Email marketing is the single best way to get leads for your salespeople. Done right it delivers quality leads day in, day out.

At Nudge, we take the hassle out of email marketing. Our copywriters create emails with incredibly high open rates, our landing pages grab leads instantly and deliver them right to your inbox, ready for you to follow up and close the deal.

About our B2B Marketing Services

We have dreamed up winning lead generation emails for Some of the worlds leading magazines, B2B publishers, real estate agents, holiday companies and Loads of B2B. If you are looking for answer to your B2B lead generation challenges, let’s talk.

What We Deliver

  • A+ Level Copywriting
  • Beautiful B2B Landing Pages
  • End to End Email Campaigns
  • Multiple Campaigns and Spilt Testing

Just Some of The Household Names We Have Worked With

"I've been reviewing copy for over thirty years, Frank Johnson (Johnson Box), Jim Rutz, Gary Bencivenga, Mike Palmer and many other A+ copywriters and you're up there. You have a great style" Jeffrey GreenbergPresident - J.G. Communications, Inc. New York

Opening Conversations, Creating Opportunities, Delivering Value.

We work with you to create a series of persuasive highly engaging emails. Each campaign has six emails, split tested for maximum impact that we schedule to send out at the best times for your target market to respond.

Our Lead Generation Emails

When a recipient replies, all future emails are paused and the lead is sent directly to you to follow up on within minutes of the response, leads don' come much hotter than that/

A.I Powered Interaction

No Response...No Worries...

If the email is not opened, our system resends the email a couple of days later. When they do respond, the campaign is paused. It acts like a human interaction.

Giving You Time to React

Leads are delivered, unsubscribes handled, 'holiday announcements and OOO replies rescheduled. All without you doing a thing. You just collect the leads and get to work.

Scheduled Campaign Deliveries and Full Reporting

Meet Your B2B Email Marketing Team


Client Account Manager

Ciara keeps our projects on track and the clients happy. She works with you to make sure camp-signs are managed each month and yo

Jamie has written sales copy for some of the worlds largest companies across finance, travel, magazines, Government, gaming and events.

Copywriter & Designer


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