Now hiring for our new offices in Sofia, Bulgaria....

We're Building a team of team builders. Come and join us.

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Who are we

Nudge is a part of the Agency Nation Brand, based in Soho, London.

What we Do

We are a integrated marketing, PR, Comms, Events and Digital Advertising Agency

What we're looking for

We are building a new agency team in Sofia, Bulgaria so we're looking for the right people to help us grow

"So, what about you?"...

Web Designers

Make the Magic Happen on Wordpress and HTML

Help us keep our project schedules on track

Project Managers

Graphic Artists

Eye for design? Send us some of your work.

Team Leaders

Perfect English and great at research? Write to us.

You help us build a team,
We'll help yu build a career.

Content & SEO

Account Managers

Connect Nudge to 15 other agencies in our network.

London | Sofia | Manila

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